Jack Ryan Throws 90mph in 8th grade

Mike Giovenco - Drafted KC Royals

Austin Foote - Indiana University 

Despite battling epilepsy Joey Hanley inspired us and demonstrating tremendous work ethic, belief and the ability to overcome many obstacles in his career.   

He is currently playing college baseball in California. 

In this picture he set his personal record of 91mph.     

Joey is a walking inspiration to us all.   

Ryan Loutos as a freshman was throwing 72mph.  His senior year at Barrington High School he was throwing 90mph. 

* He was the most dominating high school pitchers in the state of Illinois. 

* Honored before the White Sox game for his All State Honors.  

* Ryan had a tremendout freshman year in college. 

Ryan will be playing at Washington University in St.Louis one of top academic schools in the nation. 

 Fastball USA International Camps and Clinics and throughout the USA

Mike Giovenco - KC Royals
Drafted by the KC Royals Says This About Fastball USA

Pete Tountas - 
Drafted By Red Sox and Mets 

Pete was drafted twice which included the Boston Red Sox and
the New York Mets.   Pete also attended Jefferson Junior College and Evansville University. 

Pete started with Fastball USA as an 8th grader at 14 Years Old.  

Fastball USA Impacting Professional Baseball

Kao-Chih Kang

Plays professional baseball in the CPBL and reached a milestone of 1000 games caught in the CPBL.  

He was one of the 3 pioneers of the CPBL to travel to the United States last year to work with Coach Ryan and Fastball USA.  

CPBL Super star
Cheng-Min Peng
traveled from Taiwan to Chicago to work with Mike Ryan and Fastball USA.  

Peng is a very popular players in the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) in Taiwan. 

He is one of three players from the CPBL who traveled to Chicago to work with Coach Ryan last year.  

Ryan Hinchely -

Drafted By The Chicago White Sox 

Started at Fastball USA at Age 15

"What he has learned at Team Fastball helped him get recruited and earn a spot on Butler's baseball team.

The key difference between playing for Team Fastball versus other travel teams is that the coaches at Team Fastball work on the skills and attitude that makes one a better baseball player. It is not just about winning a game."

Tony Diviesti 
Mike's Dad. 

Che-Hsuan Lin and Kuo-Hua Kao
both star players in the CPBL and both have played professional baseball in the USA.   Including the Mariners and Orioles. 

Made the trek to Fastball USA in November 2018. 

"Before coming to Fastball USA, I was a freshman throwing 72mph.

As a kid I was taught to throw with good mechanics 
and never to just let it fly.

 In about 2 years, I have gained 14 mph on my fastball because of the great training.

I would definitely recommend Fastball USA to anyone who wants to work hard and has goal of playing at the next level.   It is a great way to specifically train for baseball and improve your game in the right way."

Austin Foote

    Our very Own Jack Ryan  
            USA National Team Selection 

Our Very Own Jack Ryan was selected to the 2015 USA National Team.  One of 18 players selected throughout the United States and Only player selected to the team from the Midwest. 

Jack helped Team USA win the Gold Medal at the World Cup event in Taiwan. 
Leading the entire tournament in batting average, home run's, and RBI's. 

Fastball USA Developing Top Collegiate Players 

Mike Diviesti

Ethan Routzahn -  St. Johns University
> Started at Fastball USA at Age 13
> Trained and Played For Team Fastball  

> Became our first 200MPH Athlete 
> Exit Velocity of 101MPH 
> Top Throwing Velocity of 101mph 


Truly Inspirational People .... Like Joey Hanley

Dakota Kotowski 
Missouri State 

Trained at Fastball USA since he was 10 Years old. 
Cut from various travel teams growing up.  

Set our all time academy exit speed record 

Now playing baseball at Missouri State!


So Many Tremendous Examples of Players Who Trained At Fastball USA with exceptional results. 

97MPH Age 16



Age 13


Anyssa Iliopoulos and Mary Iliopoulos Chosen to Play on the Greek National Softball Team 

"In 6 months I went from throwing 82mph in summer and then I got up to 90mph by winter. It was absolutely amazing when it happened.  Fastball USA opened up doors of opportunities."

"Fastball USA  Prepared Me For Pro Ball"
Just wanted to let you know that we do nearly all the same arm care here With KC as we did at Fastball USA.

We do numerous variations of all of the arm care on an everyday basis, and also we do ALOT of the flexibiltiy and pre workout warmups that we did at fastball. Fastball USA certainly prepared me for pro ball. Currently I have over 100 innings on my arm this year, and I have to thank you for teaching me the importance of arm care. 

In the past, my arm would usually be in pain around this time of year, and I would be experiencing "dead arm". But currently my velocity is still sitting in the 90-93 range and topping around 95mph. 

Once again, I just wanted to thank you for everything, and please continue to stress the importance of arm care, flexibility, and good old fashioned hard work to the rest of the guys.

Thank You,      
Mike Giovenco (KC Royals)


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Watch 7th Round Draft Pick Simeon Lucas Talk About Mike Ryan's Fastball USA 

Congrats to Nick Juaire on his committment to play at the University of Notre Dame Next Year.  

Hard work pays off! 

"We are very thankful to have Gavin train with you at Fastball USA youth class ever since he was 7 years old back in the fall of 2015."

Your guidance on mindset, life lessons and training techniques helped Gavin build up his confidence and physical tools (athleticism, speed, hitting power and throwing velocity) needed in order to stand out and compete against the skilled and physically bigger kids in his age group at any tryout or tournament.

Even when he first started, the age adjustable home run derby game you introduced is something he always has a lot fun with and build his interest in the game with those aggressive explosive confident swings just like the big leaguers.

The mixed aged training atmosphere at Fastball USA group classes is really special and always challenge the kids to challenge themselves to improve 1% each session with iron sharpening irons, younger kids looking up the the older kids to see how they do things.

We highly recommend Coach Mike Ryan and Fastball USA to any other baseball parents who is serious about helping their kid develop in the game. This program has been a gamechanger for Gavin's development.

Alan Chang

The Same System Seen All Over The World...

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Congrats Li-Jen Chu 
Cleveland Indians

Chu is Invited To MLB Spring Training
With the Indians in 2019. 

Chu worked with Coach Ryan in November at Fastball USA and last January in Taiwan.   Good Luck!

Simeon Lucas - Cleveland Indians
Drafted in the 7th Round of the 2015 Draft
out of Grant High School. 

Simeon Started training At Age 14 At Fastball USA!

Fu Lin Kuo - CPBL Unilions 
Career Resurgance for former Yankee
Formerly in the Yankees Organization

Now a superstar in the CPBL- Unilions 

Came to the USA to work with Coach Ryan in 2016. 
In 2018 he was one of the leaders in Home Runs in the Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan. 

In 2018 He Reached Career Highs
19 Home Runs, 119 Hits, 28 doubles.  

Watch Video Preview Below 

Training Center

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206 students have thrown or hit a baseball 90mph or more. 



The Truth is Doors of Opportunity Will Open for .... 

Those who throw faster, hit harder, and move quicker will get opportunities that others will NOT get.  It doesn't matter how many travel ball games your team is winning if you have an average arm, average quickness, and lack hitting power.   Scouts look for players with the BIG 3. 

When it comes to College Scholarships, Draft Picks, and playing opportunities, they will almost always give first shot to the players who can throw faster, move quicker, and hit harder.  The Question is what are you doing to improve these areas, and do you have both a short term and a long term plan for develpment?

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