Listed below is part of the Formula that has led to:

--> 195 students becoming 90mph athletes. 
---> 25 students becoming 100mph athletes. 


I chose Coach Ryan and Fastball USA because I wanted something different.  When I first started training my fastball averaged in the mid 70's and now it's low 80's.   My exit speed was 80mph and now it's 90mph.   Coach Ryan and Fastball USA is the way to go if you want to take your game to the next level!!!!

Thanks Coach Mike and the entire staff. 

John Thomas

Explosive Baseball Power  Training
2 Elite Training Classes Ages 13 and Up

The Explosive Hitting Class

Explosive Baseball
Throwing & Ballistic Strength 
"Black Belt" Class 

Swing Technique 
Swing Speed and Power 
Precision & Timing  
Game Ready Training 
Objective Measurements 
Recording Performance 
Hit With Purpose 
Ball Exit Velocity 
Bat Speed 
Launch Angle Training 
Line To Line Training 
Building a Complete Hitter 
Personalization of Hitting Training 

Wake Up -  Warm Up's 
Ballistic Fast Twitch Muscle Training 
Specific To Baseball/Softball Strength 
Athleticism,Quickness,agility, coordination
Arm Care, Arm Health, Recovery 
Throwing Technique, Efficiency 
Throwing Velocity, arm strength 
Throwing Accuracy, Command, Precision 
Dynamic, athletic throwing 
Position Specific (Outfield, infield,catchers)
Pitching Specific (Skills/Pitches/)
Effective Velocity Strategy 
Recovery Drills and exercises 
Personalization of Throwing and Training

# 1     Deliberate Practice 
We Train With Extreme Purpose. 
Every Rep counts. It is a specific mission, and a specific purpose.  

Everyone practices.  Practice does NOT make you special.  How you practice is what makes you special.   We choose to practice deliberate.  Very specific purpose to each and every rep.   YOUR TRAINING NEEDS TO BE A SEPERATOR. 

# 2     Anything You Measure, You Can Improve!

Our training includes constant measurement.  
Warm Ups, Workouts, Hitting Performance, Throwing Performance, Strength, Quickness.   

Objective Measurement during training provides instant and immediate feedback on performance.  

Anything worth practicing, is worth measuring. 

Measurement & Recording Performance creates accountability as well as reinforcing practicing with purpose.  

Author of The "Titans Of Training" - Andy Powers
& CEO of the Texas Pitching Institute

Travelled all the way to Chicago from Texas To See The Magic At Fastball USA.  
Powers dedicated a chapter of his book to Mike Ryan and Fastball USA as one of the Titans of Training.  

# 3     Athletic Over Mechanical!   
Be An Athlete When Your throw or hit NOT a Robot! 

People often work on "Mechanics" and become "Mechanical or Robotic".   At Fastball USA our goal is to draw out the natural athletic ability in each athlete and let it shine when they swing or throw a baseball.  

Technique to us is when the body and arm, or body and bat are working connected together in a flow.    

Athletic Throwing and Athletic Hitting is a critical point to maximizing performance.  

Examples of Athletic Throwing At Fastball USA 

Hitting Athletic Movements 
Rotational Emphasis with Bat Speed Feedback with PVC Pipe

Generating Power and Timing Feel Off The Back Leg 

# 4     Baseball Specific Power Training  
Building better movers!  Strength, speed, power as it relates directly to the sport of baseball and softball.   

We work 90% of the time inside the ATP/CP System 
(Fast Twitch.... 12 Seconds or Less) 

We work the body for the demands of the sport. 
1 Leg, Rotational, Energy Transfer, Athletic 

Our Goal is to build a bigger motor, and train to move it faster, quicker, rotationally and laterally, as it applies to hiting and throwing a baseball.  

-->  You won't see our players running poles or long distances
-->  You won't see our players doing mindless lifts 
-->  You won't see our players training outside the ATP/CP system. 

True Development 

# 5     Mindset is Everything!  
- Fueling The Fire of Aggressiveness 
because the greatest players in any sport are the most aggressive players. 

-  Failure is an option.   Learn to Fail Differently. 
If you're not failing, or looking stupid in practice the practice is Too Easy. 

- The Greatest Players in the World FAIL more Than the Rest. 
Babe Ruth 714 Home Runs 1313 Strike Outs
Reggie Jackson: Over 500 HR's, 2500 K's.
Ricky Henderson:  Most Stolen Bases, Most Caught Stealing 
Nolan Ryan:  Most Strike Outs, Most Walks.  

Looking Good in Practice is NOT the goal. 
The Goal is to challenge your athlete slightly beyond his current ability level.  

The Greatest Improvement comes outside the comfort zone.    The comfort zone is a great place, but nothing ever grows there. 


Lead Baseball Trainer -  Coach Steve Vandenbranden 
The Best Throwing/Pitching Instructor in the Game 
Director of Black Belt Baseball Strength Training and Throwing Development 
Long Time College Head Baseball Coach at North Park University Chicago 
Former College Pitcher at North Park University 
Director of Pitching Development At Fastball USA Since 2005

Here Are 5 Ways Fastball USA Training Is Unique