The Newest and Most Advanced Hitting Class At Fastball USA Focuses on Game Ready, Battle Tested Hitting. 

---> Preparing the Hitter for everything they could possibly see in a game!

Game Ready - Battle Tested Hitters

--> You may have noticed the game is filled with chaos.  This class is designed to prepare the hitter for the chaos that he will have to deal with in a game.  

---> What chaos? 

**** Pitchers throwing from different arm anglesand arm slots.  Lefty or righty. 

**** Pitchers who throw with a plus fastball. 
**** Pitchers who throw a good off-speed pitch, or simply slower than normal. 
**** The un-predictability of pitch to pitch action

Various Arm Slot and Arm Angles

FLAME Throwers 

Finesse Pitchers, with great off-speed or who fall below the average velocity line

Hitters have to DEAL WITH THIS

Each Class Session has 8 Spots Only 

Each Class is Session is By Appointment Only 

Each Class Session is only for those in our Elite Classes 

Each Class Session is $50.00 or you can buy a 10 pack for $400.00 

This class will focus on implicit learning methods 

This class will focus on creating and adjustable hitting athlete NOT an adjusted hitter.

This class will challenge hitters problem solving abilities  

This class is NOT about technique although we will monitor it. 
This class is NOT about speed and power although we will encourage it. 
This class is NOT about building the hitters EGO 

This class is about preparing the hitter for the chaos he or she will encounter in the game.   

A great opportunity to get "Extra" Hitting Training in a personalized setting.  Focusing on Game Ready Concepts.  

Class Time By Appt.

5:30pm - 6:30pm 
Tuesdays beginning in November.