The 100mph Hitter Coaches Seminar
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5 Days Per Week For 5 Weeks 
Starting May 4th!

Good News...

I have created a new on-line coaches seminar that is dedicated to helping coaches.    The theme behind this Hitting Clinic will be bridging the gap between training performance and Game Performance. 

Yes, Your Players Can Hit the Ball Harder and 
Do it when it matters most which is the game. 

Here Are The Gaps I'm referring to: 

 Swing Efficiency----> Speed,Timing,Adjustability, Game Results 
This is where I feel players are getting lost. 
They focus so much on swing efficiency that they can't transfer that "Pretty swing" to the game.  Game Results is all that matters!

Gap # 1   Swing Efficiency ---->  Swing Speed 
As soon as players start to get explosive with the swing, they end up becoming disconnected, and the swing falls apart. 

Secondly, as soon as they fail even a little bit, they revert back to that pretty looking NON explosive swing.  

Gap # 2    Swing Efficiency/Speed ------>  Timing 
That's right, my kid player hits the ball 90mph off a tee but his timing is terrible.   I will be covering exactly how you can help your players bridge the gap and take that explosive and efficient swing and transfer it into better timing.  

In fact, I don't believe these are separate and I will show you exactly how I blend power, efficiency and timing. 

Gap # 3   Swing Efficiency ---->  Swing Adjustability 

This one is huge because for the thousands of lesson providers out there I am finding players are being trained into 1 swing path and are terrible at becoming adjustable. 

Adjustability means many things but here are few bullet points

-   Adjustability to off-speed 
- Adjustability to a plus fastball 
- Adjustability to locations, up or down 
- Adjustability to locations, in or out

Gap # 4    Practice Performance ----->  Game Performance 

Where are your player spending most of their time?
Swing Efficiency?
Speed & Power?


Game Ready Battle Tested Hitter Training?
Most hitters will answer they spend most of their time in one or two of these areas, and the other areas don't get much attention. 

The biggest mistake I see is a lack of Battle Testing during training. 
If we are telling players NOT to think in a game, why are we not spending more time on eliminating thinking during practice?

I will take you through Game Ready Week. 
Things That Can Create A Game Ready Warrior.  

How does this clinic work? 
5 For 5 

5 Weeks, 5 Days Per Week, 1 email each day. 
On-Line Video Sent Directly to your email. 
You get to keep all links.  

Each Week Will Have a theme...
Week 1    Swing Efficiency and Technique 
Week 2   Strength and Speed 
Week 3  Timing 
Week 4   Adjustability 
Week 5   Game Ready Week 

The On-Line Clinic Will Begin May 4th
and continue through the week of June 1st. 
Learn More in this video. 

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This group will be designed for like minded hitting coaches that want to improve knowledge and help players. 

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$497.00 after April 30th.