Mike Ryan's On-Line College Recruiting Clinic For Parents and Players 

What you need to know about the college recruiting process before you dump thousands of dollars into showcases, camps, travel teams, tournaments, travelling and hotels. 

This clinic is divided into 8 On-Line Videos to make it easy to digest for parents and players. 

Everything You Need To Know Before you get trapped into viscious cirlce of travel baseball, showcases, and recruiting. 

The Truth About 

What College Coaches Are Actually Looking For.
Do You need to be attending a showcase and How do you know?
Red Flags About Showcases (Save your $$$) 

The Real Question isn't if your kid can play college baseball...
The Real Question is where, what level, and will he actually play?
Positions....What Ability and Skill Set's Qualify you at your position?

How can your athlete To Stand Out From Other Players?
Does it really matter what team you play for during the summer?
Why you shouldn't dismiss High school baseball as being important. 

A Process To Help you Eliminate Your College Choices 
A process to help eliminate the stress of college recruiting

The One Answer, You can't be afraid of. 

Plus.....   The Truth About Recruiting Videos .. Do's and Don'ts
Plus.....   The Truth About What Happens to Early Commits 
Plus....    The Truth About How to get the most money and scholarship opportunities.  
Plus....    How Do You break down what level is best for your son if he wants to play at the next level of college baseball.  

Each Monday You Will Get A Video From Me: 
8 Mondays Starting March 2nd Through April 27th. 

All Families who sign up will get a Free Q&A opportunity about their specific 

College Recruiting Clinic 

This On-Line Clinic is $99.00 if you register by February 17th


$199.00 after that.