By Far.....The Best Hitting System!
I can honestly say that the Explosive Hitting System is by far the best hitting system I have ever come across. 

 I have been coaching for 13 years and like any good coach you want to find the best possible methods to train your athletes. 

  I honestly cant say enough about coach Ryan and what he has done for the Development of my sons hitting or my coaching and dealings with my son. 

 This is Devin, he just turned 12 and prior to obtaining the Explosive Hitting DVD series and then attending a hitting boot camp my son was an average to below average hitter with very little power and zero confidence at the plate.

He was hitting a little under 350 and very inconsistent.

After getting the DVD's and then attending the bootcamp it is like an alien has snatched up my son and replaced him with a different kid. 

Thanks coach Ryan the proof is definitely in the pudding my man!


David McComas

"I had coached nearly 30 years without winning a high school state title.

 It is no coincidence that the year I implemented Mike Ryan's

hitting methods our team won it all.    State Champs!

That intense focus allowed us to double the number of extra base hits we had from the previous year. 

 In the last four games of our championship run,we averaged 9.5 runs a game against the best pitching in the state. It's simple, if you want a lineup stacked with ferocious hitters then get with Coach Ryan's program."

Thanks again Mike!

Dave Savino
Glenn Allen HS
4A State Champs!


$197.00 Plus S&H

Creating State Championship Teams

      Explosive Hitting 2.0 Buy Now

Explosive Hitting 2.0 Trailer 

Explosive Hitting  2.0   
"Training On The Edge 

Explosive Hitting 3.0   

Game Ready Training

3 DVD 's Explosive Hitting 2.0  

      DVD 1   Training on The Edge 
DVD 2   Variation Training 
DVD 3   Tempo and Timing

Plus The 100 Plus Page Manual
detailing the advanced versions of Explosive Hitting. 
Which includes how to personalize the sytem to you.  

Taking the Original concepts learning how to train hitters outside their comfort zone.  
Force hitters to make self adjustments on ball flight, timing, and speed.  
Learn to personalize the Explosive Hitting Program to fit your needs. 

Explosive Hitting 3.0 

Special Emphasis on Game Ready Performance

This DVD Package Helps the Player bridge the gap between PRACTICE AND GAME.  

The game is chaotic, but most practice in a very controlled environment. 

Explosive Hitting Warm UP Routines  
How we use Connection Balls, Bands, and your bat to build elite swing habits. 

Explosive Hitting Power Routines 
How to train both Speed and Efficiency Together 

Explosive Hitting Adjustability 
How to become an adjustable game time hitter (Improve game performance)  

Game Ready Training 

- Multiple Pitch Angles/Release Points
- Timing of pitches
-  Pitch Selection
- Aggressiveness 

- Training The "Brain" like a game. 

Plus....  Version 3.0 

Helps Bridge the Gap in Between areas of training
Technique/Speed/Adjustability-Timing/Game Ready

Most spend too much time in one particual area. 

Version 3.0 shows you how to blend these concepts together to make a better game hitter! 

Explosive Hitting Video Includes 

4 DVD's & Explosive Hitting Companion Manual

DVD 1   Power Hitting Formula "New"  
DVD 2   Technique/Timing Intro "Why" 
DVD 3    Strength Series - Power 
DVD 4   Explosive  Hitting Drills
22 Different Drills Sets 

$197.00  We pay the shipping. 

Explosive Hitting Version 2.0

           Explosive Hitting Version 1.Preview

The Hardest Hitting Program ON Earth is Now Available on DVD

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