Step 1 - Evaluate
Where am I now?
Develop Objective Goals 
Create A Time Line ( A plan)

Video Analysis 

In order to improve anything the first step to clearly understand where you are right now.  

Our evaluation session includes a combination of objective measurements along with a video evaluation for the player. 

The idea is simple.  Find out what you are doing well, and evaluate any obvious RED FLAGS that need to improved. 

Objective Evaluations

We believe anything you measure - you can improve. 

We begin by taking objective measurements in both hitting and throwing and athleticism.  

For Example - Bat Speed, Ball Exit Velocity, Ball Flight, Throwing Accuracy, Throwing Speed, quickness, and agility. 

Within 48 hours of the evaluation each player receives a suggested plan of action to begin training based on their individual needs.   

You will be given 2 or 3 options based on what is best needed for the player. 

By Appointment - 

The evaluation session typically takes 2 hours in length.  Maximum of 4 students per evalulation event. 

For a limited time the fee is $99.00 
usually is $135.00.  


Are you local to us?
Begin With An Evaluation Session 

Out of town? 
Check out Explosive Hitting Camps, Texas Baseball Ranch
Pitching Camps . Evaluations are included in camps. 


Not everyone will be offered a spot in our Academy.   We are looking for special people. 

What does special mean? 


* We simply want to weed out those who may not have the right mentality for our programs.

* We are looking for coachable players, who will do what it takes to get better both inside and outside our training facility.

* We are looking for parents who are supportive but not intrusive.

* We are looking for players who will ultimately be held accountable for their training.

*   We don't do a quick fix.   If you're looking for a quick fix please don't bother.  
Velocity Training and development takes time and patience IF you want a better chance of staying healthy.

*   We don't do 6 or 8 Week Velocity Programs like the others.   Why?  We know not only is this a bad idea it's a terrible idea.    For long term sustained power development our system works.  

*   Want to throw harder ?  Understand the risk.   The harder you throw the greater the chances of injury. 
Still want to throw harder?   Our programs focus on the arm health side of throwing in order to make it safer for natural velocity develpment.   We are not reckless.    Every player has a plan.   That plan takes time. 

* Players who have not only a passion for the game but a serious passion for improving.

* If your son or daughters passion is luke warm, we are not the right place for them. 

*  Their are close to 100 academy's in the Chicago Area.   Many of our students will drive an hour or more to attend our training.  This is the type of passion we are looking for in a player. 

* If your main motivation is that we are conveniently located to probably don't get what we are doing.  

* Those who are dedicated to the process.  Those who will practice in between sessions. 

* In short - We don't do drama.   

First -  You need to figure where you are right now - before you can figure out where you want go.   

The GOAL of the evaluation is give each player clarity on where they are right now in both an objective and subjective manner.   Sit down with 17 year scout, and professional instructor of 20 years, Mike Ryan.     Coach Ryan is the owner of Fastball USA and director of player development..