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In Person Evaluations are back!
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Parents -  Fastball USA is NOT for everyone.   Please read and make sure your kid is a good fit. 

How Do You Compare To MLB Hitters?

Throwing and Pitching Evaluations As Well

Evaluation Includes........

Objective Measurements 
Bat Speed 
Exit Velocity
Ball Flight Tendency 
Timing Tendency 
Hitting Video Analysis 
Game Performance Audit 

Throwing or Pitching 
Velocity Measurement If healthy
Command Control testing 
Arm Care/Arm Pain Audit 
Video Analysis Throwing (On Line) 

Plus Strength and agility testing. 

The goal of the evaluation is to help determine each athletes strengths and areas that need improvement. 

We identify each athletes Red Flags in order to help design and determine future goals to be accomplished in our training program.