Mike Ryan's -  Explosive Hitting Camp 

- The World is Turning To Fastball USA To Hit Harder
- Players from Taiwan, Australia, Canada, & The Netherlands.
- The Chinese Professional Baseball League 
- Professional Players in the United States 

The Hardest Hitting Program ON Earth!
21 Players Have Now Reached 100MPH
167 Players have gone over 90MPH 
Exit Velocity + Ball Flight = Damage

We are obsessed with getting our hitters to do 2 things

# 1  Hit the ball harder    (Increase Exit Velocity and % of hard hit balls in a game) 

Studies have clearly proven the harder the ball is hit the greater the chance of getting a hit. 

How hard the ball is hit also impacts the type of hit.    It's NOT just about exit velocity.  


# 2  Hit the ball with good flight!  (Poor flight equals more outs)

Line drives and high line drives are proven to become hits the most often.   The majority of hits are hit on a launch angle between 10 and 30 degrees.     The key is learning how to train both exit velocity and ball flight together.  


Our very own Jack Ryan Was Selected To the USA National Team and led the World Cup tournament in Home Run's and slugging %

We drove six hours one way for both the Explosive Hitting and the Texas Baseball Ranch and WILL do it again.

The instruction is outstanding – in
language that is easy to understand.

Everything is backed with video in the camp and in comparison to MLB players. Best of all – you leave with a personalized plan to take home and continue to work and grow!

If you are wondering if it is worth the investment my answer is ABSOLUTELY, 100%.

Thank you Mike Ryan and your staff – we will see you again!

12 HOURS Of Instructions
Limited To ONLY 16 Players 

Friday  6pm - 9pm 
Saturday  9:30am - 4:30pm 
Sunday 9:00am - 12:30pm 

 Dakota Kotowski - 106MPH 
- Missouri State University 

Power Development led to scholarship offer, as well as serious looks from professional scouts.  

Kotowski was among the top when it came to Exit Velocity, Distance, and flight at a pro showcase held for High School seniors. 

Each Player Also Get's a FREE Follow Up Video Analysis 1 Month After the Camp is Over.   

Show me what you have worked on and we can update your plan!

If you are not completely excited about our camp after the morning session - we will refund your money. 

 We want players who can truly benefit from the Explosive Hitting Experience.  

If you don't think it's exceptional - then we don't want to drag you through it.  


Early Bird Rate = $799.00 
Normal Rate =  $999.00 


Discounted Rate at the Spring Hill Suites within 2 minutes of our facility. 

Plenty of hotels, restaurants, shopping in the area.  Right By the Woodfield Mall.  

10 Minutes From O'Hare Airport 

40 Minutes To Downtown Chicago 

40-50 Minutes to Wrigley Field 
All depending on Traffic of course. 

Upcoming Camps 
December 28,29,30th

Alumni Camp - 
January 4th,5th

All Camps-
Include 4 Sessions 
Limited to 16 Spots  

Pay $799.00 Now
$999.00 after Nov 15th

The Explosive Hitting System Brings New Meaning To Hitting With Purpose! 




12 Spots Left

Simeon Lucas Drafted in the 7th Round by the Cleveland Indians

The Proof is in The System 

Nate Stahl Added Power and Consistency to His Game -   Now He is headed to Indiana University 

Step 1    =  Explosive Hitter Evaluation 

The Unique Thing About the Explosive Hitting System is we taylor the program to each individual.  

Every player is unique in how they think, how they move, and how they are built physically.  

The Explosive Hitting System is NOT a cookie cutter system.   We personalize the System. 

The Weekend is filled with a unique evaluation process that measures a players efficiency, swing technique,  Power Transfer Ratio, Bat Speed, Ball Flight Tendencies, and Timing Tendencies.  

Step 2  =    Personalizing the Mindset Of Each Player 

What tricks you into success is how you think.   We can't cookie cut how hitters think. 
Each indiviudal has his own personal strength and weakness, we can't force every hitter to think
exactly a like. 

Instead we need to help each player figure out what tricks them into the greatest result.  

Step 3  =    Creating Feel    

The human body cares very little about what coach has to say.       Creating "Feel" is the deal when it comes to developing an elite level swing.       

The Explosive Hitting System master the art of creating "Feel" in order to create an elite movement pattern.  

Step 4 =     Bat Speed/Power Transfer Ratio/Exit Velocity/ Launch Angle 

Power to each individual means something different.   For some it means hitting more doubles. 
For others it means more consistency of power.  

We will show you the exact process we use to make sure your tapping into your personal hitting power. 

Step 5 =        Game Ready 

We are NOT interested in creating Batting Cage Hitters. 
We will show you the training methods used to create GAME READY hitters. 

Exit Velocity means nothing if you can't transfer it to the game. 

We believe hitters can create added power, and still have low swing and miss rates.  
We will show you the training methods used to be Game Ready. 

December 28, 29, 30th  

Alumni Camp 
January 4th,5th

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Register Now - Save $200.00 
December 28,29,30th

        DVD and Camp Preview .... Does your training look like this ?

    Generating a USA National Team Selection

Think about this.......

What if you could reduce 5% of the ground balls you hit last year?

What if you could reduce 5% of the pop up's you hit last year?

How much would a 10% increase in good ball flight do for you?

Our system takes the guessing out of practice.  
We intentionally hit the ball with better ball flight
Increasing % of line drives that reach the outfield. 
We created a Zone Training System to gives players instant feedback on flight.

If you're NOT going to hit the ball hard then why swing at all ??

It has already been proven that the harder the ball is hit the greater the chances of getting a hit!   It's NOT theory...It's Proof!

While other programs simply focus on looking "pretty" we focus on un-disputed RESULTS.    The Explosive Hitting System focuses on helping you improve your ability to hit the ball harder when it counts......IN THE GAME!

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Alumni Camp -  January 4th,5th 

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        $999.00 (Now $799.00) 

Generating Some of the Hardest Hitters in the World!

101 MPH Exit Velocity 

Video Analysis 

Creating The "Feel" of the elite swing

Small Group - Personalized Attention


Players From Taiwan

106MPH Academy Record 

102 MPH!! 


Hitting Camp in Taiwan generating 100MPH Athletes 




Exit Velocity

Explosive Hitting Students are making an impact on the field!!!

Top power numbers at Pro Showcase come from an Explosive Hitting Student

Register Now -  Only 16 Spots Per Camp

Nick Juaire -  TCU

Nick travelled from Minnesota to Chicago attending multiple Explosive Hitting Camps.   

Now is with TCU!!