Mike Ryan's -  Explosive Hitting Camp 
The World is Turning To Fastball USA To Hit Harder
Players from Taiwan, Australia, Canada, & The Netherlands.
The Chinese Professional Baseball League Hosted  Us in Taiwan

The Good News is The  Camp is Limited To ONLY 12 Students!
The Bad News is you better register Now to save your spot!

If you're NOT going to hit the ball hard then why swing at all ??

It has already been proven that the harder the ball is hit the greater the chances of getting a hit!   It's NOT theory...It's Proof!

While other programs simply focus on looking "pretty" we focus on un-disputed RESULTS.    The Explosive Hitting System focuses on helping you improve your ability to hit the ball harder when it counts......IN THE GAME!

The Explosive Hitting Program is based around 2 basic goals of intent during training. 

# 1  Hit the ball harder 

Studies have clearly proven the harder the ball is hit the greater the chance of getting a hit. 

How hard the ball is hit also impacts the type of hit.    It's NOT just about exit velocity.  


# 2  Hit the ball with good flight! 

Line drives and high line drives are proven to become hits the most often.   The majority of hits are hit on a launch angle between 10 and 30 degrees.     The key is learning how to train both exit velocity and ball flight together.  

Looking Good and Being Good Are Two Different Things!
Training to look "Pretty" doesn't cut it in the real world. 

The Umpire doesn't give you first base for having a nice swing. 
The Explosive Hitting System Focuses on Results. 
NOT just training results.....Game Results! 

Step 1 To Improving is Facing the Truth! 
Our Evaluation process is 100% objective. 
We show you the truth when it comes to your results 
The Truth about exit velocity, bat speed, ball flight, efficiency of your swing 

Simeon Lucas Drills a Triple at the Power Showcase Event
Drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 7th Round out of high school 
Attended Explosive Hitting Camps in High School 


Our very own Jack Ryan Was Selected To the USA National Team and led the World Cup tournament in Home Run's and slugging %

We drove six hours one way for both the Explosive Hitting and the Texas Baseball Ranch and WILL do it again. The instruction is outstanding – in language that is easy to understand.

Everything is backed with video in the camp and in comparison to MLB players. Best of all – you leave with a personalized plan to take home and continue to work and grow! If you are wondering if it is worth the investment my answer is ABSOLUTELY, 100%.

Thank you Mike Ryan and your staff – we will see you again!

Nate Stahl sets his own record 
of 95mph Ball Exit Speed. 

Simeon Lucas Drafted 7th Round By the Cleveland Indians.  Explosive Hitting Camp Participant. 

The 2 Day Camp Includes 

Developing the Explosive Hitting Mindset

Video Evaluations
(Lower and Upper Half)

Explosive Hitting Drill Set's 
(Creating Feel )

Strength-Speed-Power Training 
(Train the right energy systems) 

Explosive Hitting Timing 
(How to train to be on-time) 

Explosive Hitting -Game Ready Training:   Prepare in practice to make the game easier. 

12 HOURS Of Instructions
Limited To ONLY 12 Players 


Day 1 
9:30am - 4:30pm  

Lunch Break 12:30pm - 1:30pm 

Day 2  
9:30am - 4:30pm 
Lunch Break 12:30pm - 1:30pm 


Limited To Only 12 Students For Plenty of Personal Attention!

Plus we will help you create a long term plan of attack to improve hitting power. 

How much Power Can You Improve in 1 year?

 Dakota Kotowski set our academy record of 106mph exit velocity. 

He is headed to Missouri State. 

Dakota also recorded the furthest distances of any player at the 2018 PBR Showcase in front of dozens of Pro Scouts.    394 Feet.  

In Addition to the 12 Hours Of instruciton and training each player will leave with a personalized plan to improve after the camp is over.

When the camp is over it has just began!  Follow our plan for you in addition to following our slight edge systems.  

Small groups for plenty of personal attention. 

Dakota Kotowski Records 106mph Exit Speed - Set's Academy Record 

Each Player Also Get's a FREE Follow Up Video Analysis 1 Month After the Camp is Over.   

Show me what you have worked on and we can update your plan!

Why are so many of our students standing out when it comes to hitting a baseball hard? 

What's the secret?      

First -   We don't believe that having a pretty swing is the answer.

It's not about having a good swing, it's about being a good hitter. 



The good news for you is their is no guessing. 

Whoever told you to hit line drives and hit the ball hard was right. 

The key NOW is their is no guessing.  

We have created a system in which players can accurately measure their ability to hit the ball hard and hit more line drives (clearly defined by launch angle).

The Explosive Hitting System Takes the Complexity out of hitting.   

Simplistic Training Methods to hit the ball harder than you do today 

Simplistic Training Methods to hit more line drives to the outfield in a game.  

If you are not completely excited about our camp after the morning session - we will refund your money. 

We are NOT jerks.  We want players who can truly benefit from the Explosive Hitting Experience.  

If you don't think it's exceptional - then we don't want to drag you through it.  

Register Now - April 28,29 Camp 

$799.00 Now Through April 1st 

Register Now - Collegiate Hitting Camp
May 30,31 
$799.00 Now Through April 1st 

9:30am - 4:30pm Both Days

Register Now - June 29-30th
$799.00 Now Through May 1st 

Register Now - August 4th,5th  
$799.00 Now Through June 15th 

9:30am - 4:30pm Both Days 


Register Early and Save $$$

Early Bird Rate = $799.00 
Normal Rate =  $999.00 

Camp Hours -   9:30am - 4:30pm Both Days

4 Different Sessions - 3 Hour Sessions 
12 Hours
Of Hitting Intensive Instruction

1 Hour Lunch Break Both Days 12:30-1:30

Discounted Rate at the Spring Hill Suites within 2 minutes of our facility. 

Plenty of hotels, restaurants, shopping in the area.  Right By the Woodfield Mall.  

10 Minutes From O'Hare Airport 

40 Minutes To Downtown Chicago 

40-50 Minutes to Wrigley Field 
All depending on Traffic of course. 

Upcoming Camps 
April 28,29 

May 30,31  

June 29,30 

August 4,5 
August 24-26th 

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Save up to $200.00 

The Explosive Hitting System Brings New Meaning To Hitting With Purpose! 

Each Player Will Learn The Explosive Hitting Formula that has led to our players success.  

The Average Home Run In the Big Leagues Leaves the players bat on average of 103.2MPH of exit velocity. 

20 Of our students have already reached over 100mph. 

Players Everyday from all over the world are now hitting the ball harder because they are following our formula.   

In our 2 day camp we will cover in depth the Explosive Hitting Formula

We will show you how to "Hit With Extreme Purpose"  To Maximize Results. 
Simplistic Ways To Measure Your Practice Results  "Anything You Measure You can Improve"
Mindset -  How Mindset more than anything holds us back.    

Self Coaching - 
How to train yourself at making adjustments especially in the game 
Power Of Slight Edge -   This concept is a driving force to how our players look at development. 
Power Of Imitation -   Learning what to look for, and what to copy, and what NOT to copy 
Power Of Feel -  We will show you Blending Training Concepts which create feel and get you better faster. 

  The true keys to speed and power is are you using the right muscles.  
SPEED/POWER REDUCERS -  You might be doing this every day.  We will give you RED Flags.  What Not to do. 

Variation Training - 
The key to becoming an elite hitter is variation getting out of your comfort zone. 

Game Ready Training -   Most people practice at a pedestrian like manner.   Practice needs to prep you for the chaos that will happen in the game.    We will show you 5 exercises to get you game ready.  
Timing -   Never, ever, confuse making contact with good timing.   We will show you the key to timing which results in hitting the ball harder more often.  




12 Spots Left


August 24th-26th
             $799.00 Now through July 1st. 

Same amount of time as the 2 day camp 
This camp is Fri 6-9pm, Sat 9:30-4:30,
Sun 9am - 12:00pm

                            12 Spots Left