"Hi Coach - you have such a wealth of great information to share and the organized approach you took to deliver the message in bite size portions was genius. I highly recommend your Mastermind Workshop to any parent, coach or player".

- Michael Miller

Part 1  -   Initial Call Q&A Evaluation Session 

In this session we will identify game time performance constraints.   
We have identified 9 different performance constraints
I will help you grade yourself in each constraint.  
Once we have identified these contraints we can begin personalizing a program for you. 

Part 2 -   Video Analysis 

-  You will send me a video right off your phone of BP/Tee Work or Game.  
-  I will analyze the video and provide you feedback on how you rank 
-  I will clearly identify 8 Areas in Which Great Hitters are Exactly A like 
-  I will help you identify how great hitters are different. 
-  The audio/video analysis will break down what you are doing well and where you need to improve the most. 

Part 3     Creating a personalized training plan 

- Based on performance constraint report 
- Based on video analysis report 
- Evaluation/Testing 

I will create a series of drills to use and create a routine for which you can implement the plan. 
I will show you how to blend these exercises to improve your game performance. 

2 Gold Membership Options 

6 Month Season Membership ... $150.00 Per Month for $799.00 Pre paid.  

12 Month Season Membership .... $99.00 Per Month or  $995.00 Pre Paid 

Registration Begins January 15th
- University Opens on February 1st.

Level 1 -   Pay $150.00 Per Month  (6 Months) 

               Pre Pay $799.00. 


After February 1st  ($165.00 Per Month or $899.00 Pre Paid)


Level 2 -   Pay $99.00 Per Month (12 Months) 

                  Pre Pay $995.00 

After February 1st =  $115.00 Per Month or $1099.00 Pre paid





In 2019, I will be working with 24 Athletes from around the world in our new on line Explosive Hitting University. 

This Includes 
- Video Analysis
- Corrective Drills and Exercises 
- A detailed Daily Routine 
- Access to all drills on line 

It Starts with - 
Video Evaluation 
Tendency Evaluation 
Phone Call Q&A Sessions. 

Then I personalize our system to you!

Read Below for more info. 

Mike Ryan  

PS    Later This Winter we will be opening a Coaches University as well.   Stay tuned.