Discounted Rate at the Spring Hill Suites within 2 minutes of our facility. 

Plenty of hotels, restaurants, shopping in the area.  Right By the Woodfield Mall.  

10 Minutes From O'Hare Airport 

40 Minutes To Downtown Chicago 

40-50 Minutes to Wrigley Field 
All depending on Traffic of course. 


12 Spots Left

Generating Some of the Hardest Hitters in the World!

101 MPH Exit Velocity 


Players From Taiwan

106MPH Academy Record 

102 MPH!! 


Hitting Camp in Taiwan generating 100MPH Athletes 




Exit Velocity

Nate Stahl Added Power and Consistency to His Game -   Now He is headed to Indiana University. 

We drove six hours one way for both the Explosive Hitting and the Texas Baseball Ranch and WILL do it again.

The instruction is outstanding – in
language that is easy to understand.

Everything is backed with video in the camp and in comparison to MLB players. Best of all – you leave with a personalized plan to take home and continue to work and grow!

If you are wondering if it is worth the investment my answer is ABSOLUTELY, 100%.

Thank you Mike Ryan and your staff – we will see you again!

If you are not completely excited about our camp after session 1
- we will refund your money. 

 We want players who can truly benefit from the Explosive Hitting Experience.  

If you don't think it's exceptional - then we don't want to drag you through it.  

Thinking About Attending But You have Questions?  
Call The Number Below or send us an email right away. 

Explosive Hitting Power On Display

Age 12 -Jack Ryan Home Run Vs. Japan

         For The USA National Team 

2 Opportunities..Nov 1,2,3  or Dec 27,28,29

$999.00 After October 1st 

$999.00 Fee is now $799.00 through Sept 15

Specializing in drawing out more hitting power in each hitter......
For - Youth, High School, College Players. 
If you're going to make contact you might as well hit it hard and we will show you exactly how do that and how to do it more often!

In Addition...  This System Has Helped Create 

23 -  100mph Athletes 
175 -  90mph Athletes 
9x a Fastball Students Has Been Drafted in the past 6 Years 
He works with Pro Athletes and atheltes all over the world. 

Players playing the highest levels of collegiate baseball/softball.  

If you think your son or daughter should be hitting harder than they are right now, guess what?   You're 100% Right!

* For some this means turning singles into doubles

* For others this means turning doubles into triples & homers.  

* For some this means less swing and miss and more consistency.  

* For many this means going from being a contact hitter and turning into an Explosive Impact Hitter. 

What is an Explosive Hitter?    

They hit the ball hard, even when they are making outs.  
They hit balls hard in the gap, turning singles into doubles. 
They hit the ball hard, with consistency.   
They don't have a high swing and miss rate.  
Some even turn into power hitters to include home runs. 

I spent 16 Years as an Associate Scout with the Seattle Mariners I never asked a coach what a players batting average was.....Never. 

Secret # 1   

Make Sure You're Not Chasing the Wrong Rabbit. 

Yet, the number 1 thing parents and players know about their statistics is batting average.   

They know if they were 0 for 4, or 4 for 4.    

The reality is batting average, and going 0 for 4, or 4 for 4 doesn't tell me the whole story.  In fact it doesn't tell me anything that a scout is actually looking for in a player. 

So exactly how do you become an Explosive Hitter?

Batting Averages Trick People and get hitters chasing the wrong goal.  

> Because you can hit the ball hard 4 times in a game and not get a hit.   
> You can hit the ball softly and get 4 hits in a game.  

Hitting the ball hard and getting hits are NOT always the same thing!

Whether you're 18 years old, or 12 years old, you can train yourself to hit the ball harder than you do today.   

Our system focuses on hitting the ball harder, and doing it more often. 

In this camp we cover the secret statistic that nobody is tracking.  It's the stat, that we build our entire system around.   

Step 1 -   Objectively Measure Each Hitter....  Where are you?

We will put each hitter through our Explosive Hitting Measurement Cycle, which focuses on objective measurements NOT subjective.  

This evaluation process allows us to help create clarity for each athlete on exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are so we can create a clear path towards improvement.  

Step 2 -   Create a Process Of Improvement 

Every hitter is different.  Our training includes multiple paths towards development.   We help personalize the process of improvement for each hitter. 

We Will Cover 3 Areas in Depth to Make this Happen 

First -   Visual Learning  (Ultimate feedback on how great hitter do it. See it.

Second -  Create Feel  (We specialize in creating simple ways to master the complex.   Great hitters learn by feel.  We help create the feel needed). 

Third -  Mindset is everything.  Our system is fueled by the mindset of each hitter.  Great hitters think differently..  

Example Explosive Hitting Power Drill

 Limited To 24 Students 

Dakota Kotowski -
Missouri State 

Dakota improved so much he set our all time academy record for exit velocity at 106mph. 

Dakota also was ranked one top hitters in midwest Pro Camps.  

He proved to be at the top of exit velocity and distance. 

At This Camp..I help assess each player and personalize a plan to improve!

Simeon Lucas - Drafted 7th Round 
in 2015 by the Cleveland Indians. 

Attended Explosive Hitting Camps in High School. 

3 Days Of Intensive Hitting Instruction............
Friday 5-9pm, 
Saturday 9:30am - 4:30pm, 
Sunday 9am - 1pm. 

After 3 Intensive Days of Hitting Instruction and training every player leaves with a personalized plan to go home and execute over the coming weeks and months.   

Plus we provide full staff support with questions when you return home. 

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Home Run's are nice, but secretly you know that your kid can certainly hit the ball harder than he or she is doing right now. 

Second, you also know that they should be hitting the ball harder, with better ball flight more often than they are doing right now.  

Ordinary people doing Extraordinary Things!

Classroom Session Includes Video, Mindset, and provides clarity into your training 

Drills to create the feel of what great hitters do a like.  

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Mike Ryan's Explosive Hitting Camps

Turning Contact Hitters Into Explosive Impact Hitters 

- Players From Taiwan, Australia, Canada, & The Netherlands Have Attended 
- Players have attended from All Over The USA

 Players Have Now Reached 100MPH
175 Players have gone over 90MPH 
Exit Velocity + Ball Flight = Damage

I literally wrote the book on Exit Velocity before anybody was even talking about exit velocity.   



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