Discounted Rate at the Spring Hill Suites within 2 minutes of our facility. 

Plenty of hotels, restaurants, shopping in the area.  Right By the Woodfield Mall.  

10 Minutes From O'Hare Airport 

40 Minutes To Downtown Chicago 

40-50 Minutes to Wrigley Field 
All depending on Traffic of course. 


12 Spots Left

101 MPH Exit Velocity 


Players From Taiwan

106MPH Academy Record 

102 MPH!! 


Hitting Camp in Taiwan generating 100MPH Athletes 




Exit Velocity

Nate Stahl Added Power and Consistency to His Game -   Now He is headed to Indiana University. 

We drove six hours one way for both the Explosive Hitting and the Texas Baseball Ranch and WILL do it again.

The instruction is outstanding – in
language that is easy to understand.

Everything is backed with video in the camp and in comparison to MLB players. Best of all – you leave with a personalized plan to take home and continue to work and grow!

If you are wondering if it is worth the investment my answer is ABSOLUTELY, 100%.

Thank you Mike Ryan and your staff – we will see you again!

If you are not completely excited about our camp after session 1 - I will refund your money. 

 I want players who can truly benefit from the Explosive Hitting Experience.  

If you don't think it's exceptional - then we don't want to drag you through it.  

Thinking About Attending But You have Questions?  
Call The Number Below or send us an email right away. 

Explosive Hitting Power On Display

Jack Ryan Home Run Vs. Japan

         For The USA National Team 

$999.00 After October 1st 

I will FLAT OUT give you the Secrets To: 
Increasing Your Avg Exit Velocity (Hit it harder) 
Increasing Your Avg Distance (Hit it Further) 
Increasing Bat Speed With Swing Efficiency 
Improve The Ability To Be ON-Time 
Become a Game Ready Battle Tested Hitter That frustrates pitchers and increases your confidence at the plate!

Hint.....I spent 16 Years as an Associate Scout with the Seattle Mariners I never asked a coach what a players batting average was.....Never. 

The greatest hitters in the world prioritize hitting the ball hard...PERIOD!

Example Explosive Hitting Power 

Each Camp is Limited To only 12 Students
If for some reason you can't attend this camp we will allow you to re-schedule to a future camp date. 


Simeon Lucas - Drafted 7th Round 
in 2015 by the Cleveland Indians. 

-->In Fact With These Concepts your hitter will also be able to hit more doubles, more extra base hits and as he grows and develops, even more home runs.   

Classroom Session Includes Video, Mindset, and provides clarity into your training 

Drills to create the feel of what great hitters do a like.  

Mike Ryan's Explosive Hitting Boot Camp
Turning Contact Hitters Into Explosive Game Ready Hitters 

- Players From Taiwan, Australia, Canada, & The Netherlands Have Attended 
- Players have attended from All Over The USA

Exit Velocity RESULTS....

25 Players Have Now Reached 100MPH
197 Players have gone over 90MPH 
Exit Velocity + Ball Flight = Damage


Video Analysis 

---->Listen To Cleveland Indians 7th Round Draft Pick <---Simeon Lucas talk about Coach Mike Ryan and the Fastball USA Program. 

Dear Coach Ryan:

We wanted to thank you for a fantastic and informative weekend.

We believe Hunter will benefit greatly and continue to progress as he implements your explosive hitting program.

We took your advice and started your program on Monday. We would highly recommend your program to anyone wanting to improve their game.

Thank you,

Bruce, Hunter and Candace Woods



 I saw a tremendous change in Tristan’s swing as did he.  He was thrilled as well.


I really feel the work with stacking the arms was a tremendous help to him as he is double jointed and those elbows seem to twist and turn all over.  Those exercises let him feel how it should be throughout the wing.  That was huge in my opinion.  He and I are both excited about it.


Secondly, I wanted to tell you that your son is such an upstanding young man.  To put in the time with others and help them at that age is impressive to say the least. 


Thanks again,


Brian Adamson

Hubbard, OH


I just wanted to say thanks again for this weekend's explosive hitting camp.

My son Joaquin had an awesome time attending the camp and cannot not stop talking about it. We came there with the intent of becoming an explosive hitter and regain the confidence he once had at the plate.

Your instructional approach married with your ability to articulate and breakdown the 4 parts of the swing are second to none. I wish all coaches had the same mind set as you.

I look forward to coming back for some BP prior to the opening of the Spring season.

Thanks Again,

Ronnie Williams


Hi Coach Ryan,

I wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much we enjoyed your Explosive Hitter BootCamp this past weekend. I'd like to think I am familiar with your work and I had high expectations for this event.

I could not have walked away any more impressed. You over delivered and out did yourself. As a former colligate player and current high school coach with over 17 years of coaching experience, I've never seen anything quite like the work you do with your hitters at Fastball USA.

What impressed me most is your ability to create an engaging environment that promotes deeper learning and assessment. You are a Master Educator.

My son has been learning to implement your practices for about 2 years now. The results can not be denied.

His first trip to Fastball he was a 50mph guy...He is now a 70mph guy! Make no mistake, the process hasn't been an easy one..and it takes an incredible amount of time and work, but the work you guys do at Fastball USA gets results and is second to none.

You've helped him become his own swing coach. He know exactly what his swings should look like and feel like, but more importantly, he has a process that is differentiated for him and he knows that process and how to adjust it better than anyone!

Thank you Coach Ryan!

Maddux is lucky to have your influence!

Mike Lessard

Check Out What These People Are Saying About Mike Ryan's Explosive Hitting Boot Camps

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We just wanted to say thank-you for the great hitting camp that Bryce attended on the weekend. The improvement we saw in his swing in just 3 days was amazing. The video analysis was great as it showed him exactly what he needed to change and improve.

The visualization with the mat that showed launch angle really helped him understand this concept. With all the motivation he left with I feel confident his batting will continue to improve. Thanks again to you and your family.

Dave, Shari and Bryce Meyers.

We have had a lot of 1 on 1 personal hitting coaches but this has been by far the best we have ever seen.


Thank you very much for putting on this hitting camp.

We have had a lot of 1 on 1 personal hitting coaches and this has been by far the best we have ever seen. Not only did Cole get a lot out of all the drills and instruction, but I learned a tremendous amount as well.

The chronological order of the classes and the drills made it easy to follow and understand the “method to the madness”. I think the greatest benefit we took from the course is the video analysis with the targeted drills to improve where Cole is lacking.

Cole is excited about the new plan to improve his swing in all phases. 

Thank you again.

Joel Sheppard

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My name is Mike Ryan.   I believe no matter how pretty a swing looks, nobody really cares unless it creates results.   Game Time Results.  

The 2 Things Your Hitter Needs To Do More Often!
Hit The Ball Hard
Hit the Ball With Good Ball flight

Dakota Kotowski......

Missouri State -   Missouri Valley Conference Freshman Player of the Year. 

Nick Juaire -  
Heading To the University of Notre Dame Next Fall. 

These guys Attended Explosive Hitting Camps and are now hitting at very high levels. 

Thanks so much for the amazing camp! The explosive hitting camp was eye opening for us!

We really appreciated how you took the time to explain the different components of the swing, making it easy for our son to understand the ‘why’ of what you were teaching him inside each component. He especially appreciated how you used video examples of major league hitters to make the learning process very real.

The best part, however, was how you took video of his swing at the beginning of the weekend, and broke down each of the swing phases, pointing out for him where he needed to make adjustments in each phase in order to realize his full potential.

At the end of the camp, he left with specific drills he should be doing in order to make new muscle memory for each correction so it becomes natural and he won’t have to think about those adjustments once the season begins.

You did truly amazing work with our son and he left feeling like he has a concrete, customized training plan to make improvements this winter!

Thanks so much!!

Thanks again,

Doug Arlich, Woodbury MN
(Son - Max Arlich)

--> He improved 3 MPH exit velocity using your teaching in 3 days.

Hi Mike,

I wanted to thank you for putting on a great camp. My son and I talked about what WE learned after each lesson breaking down our differing views and game planning how it will improve his hitting this year and for years to come.

He improved 3 MPH exit velocity using your teaching in 3 days. Saying he is stoked to put the lessons to work to see the number jump more would be an understatement.

I think the "dance" with the pitcher to get on time will be his greatest improvement.
He liked your idea of being an "athlete with a bat" mentality.

My son has always idolized Josh Donaldson leg kick but come game time he was always late on the pitch. Now with your coaching, with his leg kick and natural stride forward, he knows how to get on time with the pitcher no matter the speed he is throwing.

Loved the camp.   Very hands on.

Mike Otis

PS. This won't be the last you see of us!!!!

“The swing analysis was my favorite and helped me see my opportunities to improve . I really liked the connection ball drills. They helped me feel how I needed to load my scap and keep my bat in the window. ”

—Jaser Arms

I just wanted to thank you again for your instruction with Lucas this weekend.

He has had some instruction with some current and former professional ball players so I was a little concerned that it might be redundant and that the time and money spent along with the long drive from the Twin Cities might not be a good investment. Such was not the case!

Lucas definitely walked away with some new knowledge that he will incorporate into his swing and we both feel it was time and money well spent and he had fun doing it!

I also appreciated the focus on proper mindset which was inspirational and always good for young ears. Thanks again. We will be in touch for some video analysis after he has worked the drills you gave him.

Daniel J McNellis

The difference between a good camp and a great camp 

in many cases is the life skills that are learned at the camp. I know my son will be a better hitter after some camps but few can say that they taught him how to live his life better.

The philosophies and mindsets that Mike Ryan teaches are exactly what the top of the line companies are teaching their employees currently. Don’t tell my son but I’m not betting on him playing in the big leagues.

I am betting on him being a great leader, husband and father thus this camp was perfect for him. One added benefit is he had a game after day two of the camp and hit his first homerun in two seasons. So I think there may be some good hitting instruction happening also;)

Brian McCasey

Coach Ryan—

Your Explosive Hitting Camp was just what Anthony needed!!

He enjoyed the classroom portion as well as the hitting drills and workouts. That weekend camp changed his swing for the better. It has given a driven kid even more drive to work on new techniques.     He has seen an increase on his exit velocity already!!

We can’t thank you enough for providing more tools for his belt.

Anthony is looking forward to working with you in the future.

“You don’t know what you don’t know”

Thank you


2020 Holiday Hitting Camp
 Dates and Times 

December 28th-30th  
Tuesday, December 28th 5pm - 9pm 
Wednesday, December 29th 9:30am - 4:30pm 
Thursday, December 30th 9am - 12:30pm 

Evaluation/Testing -   We begin with creating clarity for every hitter on what their current strengths and weaknesses are right now. 

Training -  Simple and practical training methods that are easy to understand and  easy to put to use. 

Personalized -    Giving you a personalized program to follow even weeks after the camp is finished.  Every hitter is different!

Includes -   Hitting Mechanics, Timing, Mindset, Strength/Speed/Power, along with building a game ready hitter.