Are you tired and even overwhelmed by all the hitting information all over the internet?

Have you paid for lessons but your kid is still under-performing in a game?

The Last 20 Years As A Professional Hitting Coach, Scout, I have seen time after time, hitters who have a ton of lessons don't hit much better than kids who have not had lessons.  

Why?  Nobody cares if you look good in a batting cage.   Most lessons are spent trying to make you look good but it leaves a HUGE whole in game performance. 

Get Ready To Fire Your Hitting Coach!
Finally a hitting program that speaks in a simplified language and can take high level hitting movements and simplify for the player, coach, and parent. 

     Welcome To 

The Explosive Hitting System!! 

-->The New  Generation On-Line Hitting Course
A Complete On-Line Course That Can Turn Your Hitters Confidence Around. 

I'm Sorry hitting coaches....
You can't make every student hit to your music! 

Has your baseball or softball player had an instructor who as "Cookie Cut" them into that instructors ideal version of what a swing should look like. 

You know....

This coach has a philosophy, and all of his hitting students follow it.   
It works for some, but it doesn't work for many.   

Why is that ?

If I showed you video of these 3 hitters
what would your coach say?

Roberto Clemente 

Barry Bonds 
Ichiro Suzuki 

All 3 Hitters were remarkable in their own right,

but all 3 of them featured extremely different
techniques and movement patterns. 

What would happen if we would have forced Ichiro to look like Bonds and vice versa?    Yes, we would have screwed them up. 

The Most Important Thing

The Explosive Hitting System Does For Each Hitter is encourages individual style and actually has a system to help you find out what that style should be!

Explosive Hitting 
Generation ON-Line Course 

Part 1 - 
Setting a Crystal Clear Goal 
The Truth behind Exit Velocity and Launch Angle 

Part 2   
What Great Hitters Do A Like 
How To Find What Works Best For You 

Part 3 - 
12 Drills That Reinforce What Great Hitters Do A Like

Part 4 - 
Explosive Timing Full Course "Be On-Time"
Transfer Elite Hitting Movements To The Game 

Part 5  
Explosive Strength For Hitters 

Part 6  
Game Ready Training 
100% Dedicated to Game Preparation 


Free Hitting Evaluation Call 
With Coach Mike Ryan

What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?

We will create clarity and personalize
The Explosive Hitting Systme To You.

Free Hitting Video Evaluation 
By Coach Mike Ryan

Find out how you compare to Elite Major League Hitters 

Find out what you need to do to improve! 

Personalized Written
Hitting Routine 

What part of the Explosive Hitting System Applies To You?

What drills should you focus on?
What routines should you follow?

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