Youth Baseball Training Program...

Best Suited For Players...
Ages 9 through 12 

Level 1.   

This is a level 1 program designed to prepare our players for advanced training sessions.  

Level 1 Classes Consist Of...
Hitting and Throwing Instruction
Quickness, agility, strength 
Introduction to arm care, arm health 

Very small group setting designed to get players to master the drills and the movements 
Needed to become more efficient. 

Measurement -    Anything you measure you can improve

Bat Speed Radar Feedback 
Exit Velocity Radar Feedback 
Ball Flight/Directional Feedback 
Throwing Velocity Feedback 
Throwing Accuracy Feedback 

Game Application - 

Becoming a World Class Thrower and applying it to positions in the game such as pitching, 
Infielders, and outfielders and catchers.    Step 1 is to become great at throwing. 

Hitters are challenged to problem solve pitch heights, locations, and speeds while building hand eye coordination.  

Schedule-     Saturdays at 11am - 12pm.  

More Classes are also being added.  

Step 1.     To join this program membership
is required 

Grand Slam Membership is $60.00 Monthly 
Grand Slam Plus Membership is $99.00 

Membership Access


Membership Holders Can Choose.....
- 12 Sessions for $540.00 or 
- 24 Sessions for $960.00 


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Big Picture.......

When a player is doing outstanding at drills and exercises, along with showing an exceptional focus and work ethic he will then be considered for our advanced training program.   Every player is different.    We don't put time on the player.   At the minimum we want the player ready to join the advanced program by the time he reaches the 7th grade or no later than 8th grade.  

Step 1 For New Students

                     Register To Get  Evaluated First! 

We will send you dates and times to choose from to set up your evaluation sessions.   

Only $99.00 For a Limited Time 

No Membership required to get evaluated. 

This is step 1 to determine the best training 
Program For You. 


USA National 
12U Team 

Anything you measure, you can improve
Anything worth practicing is worth measuring