Mike Ryan & Ron Wolforth have teamed up to create a cutting edge hitting program that makes sense for hitters for all ability levels regardless of your current hitting belief's and philosophy. 

Well, let’s see......

How good a hitter was Roberto Clemente?

> 3000 Hits.

> First Ballot Hall of Famer.

> So…Clearly one of the best hitters in MLB history.

What's With This Picture?

Here is Clemente almost immediately after contact. 

> Up on his front toe.

> Back foot off the ground.

If someone was teaching a hitter to do this on the internet, chances are great they would be absolutely eviscerated on social media and blog posts.

Yet, thats EXACTLY what one of the best of all time looked like when he hit an impressive home run in the 1971 All Star game.

The typical reaction… 
"Clemente was a freak. Nothing to see here.  Move on.”

But wait a minute!
There are some things, in our perspective, that we really need to process and talk about.

We know, we know…
the typical knee jerk. emotional, simpleminded reactions will be numerous. But it certainly doesn’t mean their perspectives are some how more correct or insightful…because many are not.

Typical Response #1
“This swing was a one time thing. 
A stroke of luck.
You can’t make useful distinctions and quality inferences from one home run in an All Star game over 48 years ago!     Come on Mike & Ron.

- Our Answer: 

First of all
, if you watched/ studied Clemente for any length of time you would realize this was NOT a one time thing. It’s how Clemente often hit.

Second, the fact that it was hit so well tells us that regardless of what we may choose to believe about ‘ideal’ technique as it relates to power and summation off force, we may need to concede that summation of force may be more complex and complicated that we might admit or previously thought.

Response #2

“Sure he really smoked that one, but you can’t be consistent hitting that way?
Come on Mike & Ron

Our Answer: 
Well, Clemente WAS consistent hitting this way. In fact, he was one of the most consistent in MLB history. Just because it doesn’t pass our eye test of ‘pretty and/or pleasing’ doesn’t mean it didn’t work…because it absolutely did.

So are we suggesting THIS is the way to hit?

No. Not at all.


What we are suggesting, is that far too often our personal model of the ‘ideal' in our heads is far, far too plastic and narrow.   In truth, the way we think about training the hitter can in many cases BECOMES the constraint to their growth and development.


In other words, the Baseball universe quite often tries to fix performance issues primarily with mechanical tweaks. 


Our objective was not to improve the results of the hitter by getting the athlete to follow specific ‘ideal’ choreography.

 → We aren’t trying to be ‘Swing Doctors’. There are enough of them out there.

 → We completely flipped the equation. Our goal was to use specific variable environments and outcome goals to shape the way each hitter’s body needed to organize itself to achieve the goal. Simply put, Khaos 101 is an exercise in problem solving for the elite hitter.

 Khaos 101 is a simple, common sense approach to hitting development. Instead of focusing on technique, it focuses on creating rich, vivid, robust environments with immediate feedback so the hitter can learn and adapt to the complexity that is thrown at him.

Khaos 101 is a Constraint-Led Approach to Hitting Development

All Hitters Will Experience 7 Basic
Performance Constraints:


1) Being Habitually Under the Pitch

2) Being Habitually Over The Pitch

3) Being Habitually Early On the Pitch

4) Being Habitually Late On the Pitch

5) Habitually Poor Solid Contact- Inability to Center Up the Ball on The Barrel

6) Habitually Poor Adjustment to Speeds, Locations &/or Spins

7) Habitually No Power/ Poor Summation of Force

Chances are great that regardless of your training process and your hitting philosophies …  

ALL of us routinely deal with
1 or 2 of these 7 constraints. 

Personal Preference Will Get In The Way

Far too often people try to "fix" these constraints by focusing on the hitting coaches personal preference to what a hitter should look like.   The coach has his own ideal mechanical model. 

But the reality is.....


Imagine if we forced Bagwell to hit like Ichiro

Imagine if we Changed Bonds to look like Clemente

Imagine if we changed Aaron to look like Mcgwire. 



Back foot Hitter - Dropped his hands

   Front Foot Hiter 

Aggessive Weight Transfer Dropped hands 

Back foot hitter - Hands stayed quiet 

Aggressive Weight Transfer 

Wide Stance and stepped backwards

Narrow Stance, Big Stride

Imagine This......

Problem # 1 

Forcing one ideal Mechanical  Model

The Good News is......

 Khaos 101 gives you a practical, common sense way to deal with your specific constraints without changing your hitting philosophy.

Problem # 2........The Game is Chaos

They become an adapted hitter.   The environment they pratice in forces them to adapt to one particular speed, one type of pitch angle,  and ultimately 1 type of swing.

The reality is this.....  The game is chaos.   You need to prepare for the chaos you will see in a game.   You need to become an adaptable hitter, NOT an adapted hitter.  


Khaos Hitting prepares you for a constantly changing game environment.         

> You don't need 1 swing, you need thousands of different swings. 

> Hitting is problem solving  
The greatest hitters in the world train themselves to become efficient problem solvers.      Instead of just focusing on swing mechanics, start focusing on problem solving. 

Most players practice hitting like

they are practicing choreography. 
It's kind of like they are preparing for a dance recital.    

We assure you, practicing swing choreography will not prepare you to hit guys like this....

Chapman or Ryan type fastball with tremendous spin rate. 

Hendrix or Maddux type sinker 

Sale or Johnson Arm Angle, Velocity, Movement  

Weaver =  High Arm Slot, Across the Body     Scherzer =  Low Arm Slot 3/4 Action 

Each pitcher presents a different problem.

Your hitter needs to become a problem solving machine!!! 

Don't be known as a 5 O'clock Hitter...

- Someone who looks great in practice but
can't perform in the game.  

Khaos Hitting Gives You The Foundation To Overcome Your Personal Constraints Naturally
without all the "mechanical" talk getting in your way. 


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This is the very reason we designed a new way to train hitters.

This is the essence of Khaos Hitting 101:

So what's the answer?
Khaos Hitting 101

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