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It was an honor to work with Kuo-Hua Kao and Che-Hsuan Lin from the Chinese Pro League in Taiwan. CPBL. . Both have played in the USA (Kao - Mariners) (Lin - Red Sox). Great athletes and great work ethic. Always a pleasure to train our friends from Taiwan.

Professional Players Training At Fastball USA All Winter

Li-Jen Chu  (Cleveland Indians) Training with Coach Ryan 

Li-Jen Chu attended Coach Ryan's camp in Taiwan last winter.   After finishing the Arizona Fall Leage this year he flew to Chicago to work with Coach Ryan for a 3 day intensive session.   Chu advanced to triple A in 2018. 

Kuo-Hua Kao and Che-Hsuan Lin with Coach Ryan

Simeon Lucas (Indians) and Sam Chu (Indians) take a picture with one of our young up and coming students Gavin Chang.     

Simeon Lucas and Sam Chu

Pro Players Give Back to Fastball Students.    A great Q&A session with Sam Chu and Simeon Lucas both of the Indians organization along with Coach Ryan