On-Line Baseball Training 
Can't get to Fastball USA This Spring?

Available For Players Around The World 

Package 1 Includes: 

Player Evaluation 
Video Analysis 
Tendency Report 
Audio/Video Analysis with feedback
Side By Side Comparison with MLB Players

Training Program Designed For You!

Based on your evaluation 
Proper Training Drills and exercises 
Audio-Video Access to Corrective Drills 
Program design for best results 


"Bridging the Gap Between Practice Peformance Into Game Performance"  

"Hi Coach - you have such a wealth of great information to share and the organized approach you took to deliver the message in bite size portions was genius. I highly recommend your Mastermind Workshop to any parent, coach or player".

- Michael Miller

Package 2 -  Available Now! 

Mike Ryan's Exclusive ON-Line Membership Program

Limited to 6 Players Per Year 

12 Month Membership 

Includes Evaluation Process 

Initial Training Plan 

Plus On-Going instruction through the year 

Send a video each month

Full Access To Our Training Drills 

Call In Times As Needed 

On-Going Lessons

Your Choice -  $99.00  Per Month or Pre Paid $799.00