Mike Ryan's ONE Hitter Boot Camp 

 The Individual Hitter Boot Camp -
Another great option for our out

of town students...

Email me today to set up your times by appointment
to come into town and work directly with me for 
1 day with a bonus session on day 2.  

Divided into 3 Sessions  

Evaluation Session & The Why Behind The Training
Application of Training Part 1 
Application of Training Part 2 

All players leave with a personalized
plan, plus access to all drills covered
in the 1.5 day individual boot camp.

The Evaluation includes - 

Performance Constraints 
Physical Constraints 
Ability Testing (Exit Velocity, Bat Speed, Distance, Ball Flight,Spin)
Skill testing 
Video Analysis 

Each Session is roughly
2  hours in length or as long as it takes
to get it right.    

Email to set up your times/dates: 

Hotel with special rate is located just
2 minutes from our facility. 

One on One 

3 Sessions 

Leave with a specific Plan 

Access to our drills to follow after you leave

Register Now and Get 
in on a special rate:

The Individual Hitter Boot Camp 
is $1499.00.  

As a special introductory rate 
all registrations will be $1099.00.  

But The first 7 registrations
will be $999.00.