When the lesson ends, the training begins! 

Un-Like most Academy's that offer lessons -   Fastball USA is a training center.   For us the lesson and the instruction is only step 1 to overall baseball development.    The problem is most people can't afford 12-15 hours of private lessons per week so they are left to go "practice" on their own.    The problem with that is the training is the most important part.   The lesson
is the easy part.  

---> When the lesson ends, the training begins.    This is where most places are simply taking
your money.    They leave the rest to you.    Athletes need constant direction and need to be challenged. 

The Fastball USA system is challenging regardless of your current skill level.   There is always a what's next, and always a way to challenge the athlete a little beyond his current level.  

Elite Training Membership

You Get Un-Limited Access To our Elite Training

Program 1   -      Total Baseball Power (TBP/TSP)
Program 2   -      Explosive Hitting 

TBP Consist of the following:
- Building a powerful and healthy arm. Velocity emphasis.
- Position Players and Pitchers. (Power with Precision)
- Explosive Strength Training For Baseball Specific 
- Arm Health, Arm Care, Recovery Emphasis 
- Throwing or Pitching Mechanics and efficiency. 
- Emphasis on Building A Better Athlete 
- Led By Coach Steve Vandenbranden, the number 1 throwing and strength coach in the midwest. Former long time College baseball coach, and director of training at Fastball USA Since 2004.  

The Number 1 Velocity Building Program in the midwest.  

Plus  Explosive Hitting System 
- You Get Access To Un-Limited Hitting Sessions 
- Led By Coach Mike Ryan, Owner and Director of Baseball Training and former professional scout. 

-  Emphasis on Building Better Bat Speed, Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Distance. 
- Emphasis on Swing Technique, Swing Efficiency 
- Emphasis on building a better game ready hitter

You Get Access To attend training throughout the Year. 

Up to 3 Days Per Week in the fall 
Up to 4 Days Per week during the winter 
Up to 3 Days Per week during the spring 
Up to 4 Days Pwer week during the summer 

During the School Year Schedule:
Typically Weekday Evenings...
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 
and most Saturdays.   

During the Summer:
Typically Monday through Thursday (A.M hours)

How does it work? 
We post the schedule each month, and your son or daughter get access to attend as many sessions as they choose to attend.     Training is un-limited. 

How often do people attend?

Typically we find players attend an average of 2x per week but our most dedicated players attend up to 4x per week or nearly every session.  

Players all over the Chicago land area attend these sessions and some are driving over an hour 1 way to attend.  

Typical Schedule on a weeknight looks like this during the school year.  

Explosive Hitting  6:30pm - 7:30pm 
Total Baseball Power   7:30pm - 9:30pm

Typical Night At Fastball USA 
Some players arrive early and begin doing extra work on their own.   Some will arrive as much as an hour early.  

First Class is our Explosive Hitting Class.  
Doing Explosive Hitting Techniques, Drills, and often players receive instant measurements on bat speed, ball exit speed, ball flight, direction.   

Second,   In between Classes we will often take 5 minutes for a segment that focuses on the mindset of the athlete.   We find training the mind is just as important as training the body. 

Total Baseball Power Begins (TBP)

-Also known as Black Belt Training. 

Wake Up Segment, Warm Up Segment, Explosive Strength Segment.  Arm Care Segment, Throwing Segment, and each day carries with it a different throwing theme along with personalization of drills.  

Gold Membership

The Revolution in Baseball Training

Un-Limited Training 

Access To Off-Season Training (Un-Limited) 

Access To Attend any Pre Season Training 

Access To Attend any in-Season Support Sessions
Access To Attend our Summer Training 

Prices Before Feb 7th!

Option 1 

Pay $500.00 Now

& $200.00 Monthly  ($250.00 after Feb 7th)

Option 2  

Pay $2250.00 Pre Paid 
$2995.00 (After Feb 7th)

Fastball USA 200 Hour Rule 

Typical Off-Season(Gold member)
3 Hours Of Training 
3 Days Per Week
6 Months (Sept through Feb)

216 Hours Of  Training

Plus IN-Season Support Training 

- Opportunity to Train As it make sense during the spring season

- Opportunity to train as it makes 
sense during the summer 

The Spring and Summer is basically free if a player committs to a full off season plan. 

Gold Member

$500.00 Down 
$200.00 Per Month 

Pre Pay  $2250.00 
Save $650.00

Good Through 
Feb 7th, 2020. 

200 Hours Of Training