Elite Training Program (13 and up)

Black Belt Training and Explosive Hitting 

Total Baseball Power (TBP) System Includes - 

Explosive Baseball Strength-Throwing Program
Explosive Hitting Program

Includes -  Strength and Throwing Development. 
Dynamic Wake Up/Warm Up 
Explosive Baseball Strength Training (ATP-CP)
Arm Care-Arm Health-Recovery 
Throwing Systems (Pitchers and Position Players) 
Mechanics, Velocity, Command, Durability, Recovery 
Positional Specific Skill Specific Throwing 

Also Includes - Explosive Hitting  
- Movement Patterns and Mechanics 

- Bat Speed/Power Emphasis 

- Timing/Precision 

- Creating adaptable and adjustable hitters. 

- Power Testing/Drill Sets/ Mechanics / classroom session

- Mindset, Strategy, 

Gives students un-limited access to both classes. 

Fall -  Up to 4x per Week  (Evenings/Weekends)
Winter - Up to 4x per week during the winter 
Spring -  Up to 3x per week during the spring. 
Summer - Up to 4x during the mornings during the summer. 

Training Options 

Full Program = Un-Limited  Sept through July 
Six Months =  Un Limited Six Months 
Three Months =  Un Limited Three Months
Monthly =  Un Limited 1 Month 
Weekly =  1 Week of Un Limited (Summer only)
1 Session =   1 Training Day Includes 2 Classes

2 Class Sessions Offered Each Day
Black Belt Training (Strength/Throwing) 
Explosive Hitting Training 

Get Evaluated First!!! 
 Evaluation Sessions Offered 
Small Group Evaluation is $99.00 
Individual Evaluation is $199.00 
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$599.00 Per Month x 3 Months 
or $1500.00 Pre Paid
3 Months Elite Training Accesss 

Elite Level -  1 Month Un Limited Training

$750.00 Month (Pay Monthly)
1 Month Un-Limited Training Acces

1 Week Un-Limited Training (Summer)

$300.00 1 Week  
1 Week Un-Limited Training Access 
Includes 4 Training Days (8 Sessions)  

TBP Un-Limited Means = 

> Full Access to every class offered each week
- Typically 3-4 Classes offered per week. 
- Elite Strength and Throwing Program (Black Belt) 
- Explosive Hitting Program 

Classes Are Offered  = 

> 3-4x Per Week Fall/Winter (Evenings & Weekends)
> 3x Per Week (Spring)  (Evenings & Weekends) 
> 3-4x Per Week  Summer Mornings (Weekdays)

Average Class Length -  

Black Belt = 2 Hours 
Explosive Hitting = 1 to 1.5 Hours 

Both Classes are held back to back. 
Players can attend 1 or both each day. 

$499.00 Per Month (6 Months) 
$2495.00 Pre Paid

Six Month Un-Limited Training Access

Elite Level Full Training Membership

$399.00 Per Month x 12 Months
or $3995.00 Pre Paid
Year Round Elite Training Accesss  

How often should I attend?

Alot.  To get the most return on your training investment our most dedicated players attend 3-4 days per week during the off season.  

A minimum of 2 times per week. 

Most students will get their $$$'s worth for 1 year of training by attending 3x per week for 3 months.

Anything after that is a tremendous deal.  

During the spring season, we encourage our players to do at least 1x per week.

Summer -  Classes are available up to 4x per week Monday through Thursday mornings.  

Elite Level Six Month Training Membership

$499.00 Per Month x 6 Months
or $2495.00 Pre Paid

Year Round Elite Training Accesss  

Elite Level 3 Month Training Membership

$599.00 Per Month x 3 Months
or $1495.00 Pre Paid

Year Round Elite Training Accesss  

Pay Per Session-  1 Individual Session 

1 Training Session  (Black Belt/Explosive Hitting) Combo 
3 Hours Plus of Training .... 1 Session 

Elite Program Ages 13 and Up Tuition

Elite Program Ages 13 and Up Options