Elite Training Program (13 and up)

Black Belt Training and Explosive Hitting 

Total Baseball Power (TBP) System Includes - 

Explosive Baseball Strength-Throwing Program
Explosive Hitting Program

Includes -  Strength and Throwing Development. 
Dynamic Wake Up/Warm Up 
Explosive Baseball Strength Training (ATP-CP)
Arm Care-Arm Health-Recovery 
Throwing Systems (Pitchers and Position Players) 
Mechanics, Velocity, Command, Durability, Recovery 
Positional Specific Skill Specific Throwing 

Also Includes - Explosive Hitting  
- Movement Patterns and Mechanics 

- Bat Speed/Power Emphasis 

- Timing/Precision 

- Creating adaptable and adjustable hitters. 

- Power Testing/Drill Sets/ Mechanics / classroom session

- Mindset, Strategy, 

Gives students un-limited access to both classes. 

Fall -  Up to 4x per Week  (Evenings/Weekends)
Winter - Up to 4x per week during the winter 
Spring -  Up to 3x per week during the spring. 
Summer - Up to 4x during the mornings during the summer. 

Training Options 

Full Program = Un-Limited  Sept through July 
Six Months =  Un Limited Six Months 
Three Months =  Un Limited Three Months
Monthly =  Un Limited 1 Month 
Weekly =  1 Week of Un Limited (Summer only)
1 Session =   1 Training Day Includes 2 Classes

2 Class Sessions Offered Each Day
Black Belt Training (Strength/Throwing) 
Explosive Hitting Training 

Available March 1st through August 1st 

Choose a Private Lesson Packages 

4 Sessions = $240.00   

8 Sessions = $440.00 

12 Sessions = $600.00 

Each Session is 30 Minutes in Length 
Requires Warm Up Prior To Lesson 

All Sessions Are By Appointment 
If you don't use your Lessons by August First YOU DON't Lose them.   Expires 1 year from purchase. 

Get Evaluated First!!! 
 Evaluation Sessions Offered 
Small Group Evaluation is $99.00 
Individual Evaluation is $199.00 
Click on Evaluation For More Info:

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$599.00 Per Month x 3 Months 
or $1500.00 Pre Paid
3 Months Elite Training Accesss 

Elite Level -  1 Month Un Limited Training

$750.00 Month (Pay Monthly)
1 Month Un-Limited Training Acces

1 Week Un-Limited Training (Summer)

$300.00 1 Week  
1 Week Un-Limited Training Access 
Includes 4 Training Days (8 Sessions)  

TBP Un-Limited Means = 

> Full Access to every class offered each week
- Typically 3-4 Classes offered per week. 
- Elite Strength and Throwing Program (Black Belt) 
- Explosive Hitting Program 

Classes Are Offered  = 

> 3-4x Per Week Fall/Winter (Evenings & Weekends)
> 3x Per Week (Spring)  (Evenings & Weekends) 
> 3-4x Per Week  Summer Mornings (Weekdays)

Average Class Length -  

Black Belt = 2 Hours 
Explosive Hitting = 1 to 1.5 Hours 

Both Classes are held back to back. 
Players can attend 1 or both each day. 

$499.00 Per Month (6 Months) 
$2495.00 Pre Paid

Six Month Un-Limited Training Access

Elite Level Full Training Membership

$399.00 Per Month x 12 Months
or $3995.00 Pre Paid
Year Round Elite Training Accesss  

How often should I attend?

Alot.  To get the most return on your training investment our most dedicated players attend 3-4 days per week during the off season.  

A minimum of 2 times per week. 

Most students will get their $$$'s worth for 1 year of training by attending 3x per week for 3 months.

Anything after that is a tremendous deal.  

During the spring season, we encourage our players to do at least 1x per week.

Summer -  Classes are available up to 4x per week Monday through Thursday mornings.  

Elite Level Six Month Training Membership

$499.00 Per Month x 6 Months
or $2495.00 Pre Paid

Year Round Elite Training Accesss  

Elite Level 3 Month Training Membership

$599.00 Per Month x 3 Months
or $1495.00 Pre Paid

Year Round Elite Training Accesss  

Pay Per Session-  1 Individual Session 

1 Training Session  (Black Belt/Explosive Hitting) Combo 
3 Hours Plus of Training .... 1 Session 

Elite Program Ages 13 and Up Tuition

Major Youth Program (Ages 10-12)

Elite Program Ages 13 and Up Options

Major Elite is our foundational program for players ideally ages 10 through 12. 

Expectations - 
Players will learn the same techniques, and drills taught in our Elite Training Classes. 
The goal is to prepare our Major participants for the Elite Level Program when they area ready. 
Each class will have a theme to focus on that particular day of either throwing or hitting. 

Class Focus -  
Dynamic Wake Up/Warm Up 
Quickness, agility, strength, and coordination
Arm Care, Arm Strength exercises and drills

Athletic Throwing and Pitching -  
Focus on getting each student to develop throwing ability  in terms of arm strength, accuracy, technique. 

Major Elite Hitting Program - 
Focus on hitting technique, hitting power, measuring and training bat speed, exit speed, ball flight.  
Drills and techniques used to develop better swing technique, contact, and power.  

Program Options -  Un Limited Classes
3 Months = $599.00  
5 Months = $899.00 
7 Month = $1120.00 

Each Class is 90 Minutes in Length

- Dynamic Wake Up /  Warm Up 
- Agility,Quickness, Explosive Strength, Coordination Training 

-  Daily Arm Care/Arm Strength 
-  Daily Theme (Hitting or Throwing) 

Classes offered 2 Days Per Week
Tuesdays and Saturdays 

Major Elite Youth Program

(Ages 10-12 ) Our Elite Program