The Fastball USA Elite Summer Training Program 

Fastball USA is 100% about development.  Our systems have been used by professional players, professional teams, and players and coaches from all over the world.  The Netherlands, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, The Philipines, to name a few. 

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Velocity Program "Black Belt"

This Summer For Pitchers and Position Players
Available Mondays through Thursdays (June/July) 
90 Minute- 2 Hour Sessions 
Ultimate Velocity Building Workouts 
Throwing Theme (Choose Your Theme)

Choose From - 
Velocity, Command, Arm Health, Pre Hab, Re Hab 

Explosive Hitting 

This Summer For Position Players 
Available Mondays through Thursdays 
90 Minute Sessions 
Emphasis on Hitting Power, Precision, & Timing 
Rapsado BP Testing (Distance,Launch Angle, Exit Velocity, Spin Rate, Direction)
Vision Training (Training the eyes to slow the game down)
V1 Sports Video Analysis - Sent direct to your phone. 

Total Baseball Power  
Combo Both Programs
Velocity Building and Explosive Hitting

Combine Both -  Our Explosive Hitting Training With our Elite Strength and Throwing Program (Black Belt).   3 Hours of intensive training which includes:

- Explosive strength
- Explosvie hitting 
- Explosive throwing 
- Arm health/recovery
- Pre hab or Re hab 

Elite Training Membership
Full Access To Black Belt and Explosive Hitting 
Choose 6 Months or Year Round Access  

     Un-Limited Access To The Following Classes 
           Explosive Hitting & Black Belt Training
Choose 6 months or Year Round
(Except May and August) 

September through April Classes are held 3-4x per week
Summer Programs Has 4 Class Options Per Week 

Velocity Building Workouts 
Velocity & Command Building Throwing 
Power & Precision Hitting Training 
Arm Health/Recovery/Pre Hab/

Each Class is 90 Minutes 
Could be 24 hours of Training Per Month or more

Youth Training "Majors"
Full Access To Black Belt and Explosive Hitting 
10 Months of Training Access Per Year 

           Ideal for Players 12 and Under (5th/6th)
Introduction to our Explosive Hitting and Black Belt Throwing Program. 

Warm Up's, Techniques, Movement Patterns, Measurements.   

Emphasis on throwing, hitting, athleticism, quickness, and agility, along with strength and arm care.  

Each Class is 90 Minutes in Length 
Tuesdays  4:30pm - 6:00pm 
Saturdays 11am - 12:30pm

Prices are good through March 18

2019-20 Year Round  Training Options (Elite-Youth)

Available March 1st through August 1st 

Choose a Private Lesson Packages 

4 Sessions = $240.00   

8 Sessions = $440.00 

12 Sessions = $600.00 

Each Session is 30 Minutes in Length 
Requires Warm Up Prior To Lesson 

All Sessions Are By Appointment 
If you don't use your Lessons by August First YOU DON't Lose them.   Expires 1 year from purchase. 

You're One Step Away From Developing More Speed & Power

Out Of Town ?   Mike Ryan's Intensive Training
1 On 1  -   1 Day Intensive Training Session $499.00 
1 on 1   -   2 Day Intensive Training Session $799.00

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