November Schedule
* Note Time Changes To Classes *

Thursday, November 1st
6:00pm - 7:15pm Explosive Hitting
7:15pm - 9:15pm Black Belt

Saturday, November 3rd

(Schedule Change)
11am - 12:30pm Majors
12:30pm - 1:30pm Explosive Hitting
1:30pm - 3:30pm Black Belt 

Tuesday, November 6th 
4:30-6pm   Majors Training (youth) 
6:00-8:00pm   Black Belt Training 
8:00-9:15pm   Explosive Hitting 

Wednesday, November 7th
6:00-8:00pm Black Belt Training 
8:00-9:00pm Explosive Hitting  

Thursday, November 8th

6:00-8:00pm Black Belt Training
8:00-9:00pm Explosive Hitting

Special Event -  Friday,Saturday, Sunday
Ron Wolforth Pitching Camp 
November 9,10,11   (2 spots Left)  Register Now. 

Tuesday, November 13th
4:30-6pm Majors Training (youth)
6:00-8:00pm Black Belt Training
8:00-9:15pm Explosive Hitting

Wednesday, November 14th
6:00-8:00pm Black Belt Training
8:00-9:15pm Explosive Hitting

Thursday, November 15th
6:00-8:00pm Black Belt Training
8:00-9:15pm Explosive Hitting

Saturday, November 17th 
11am - 12:30pm   Majors 

12:30-3:30pm Team Fastball 17U/18U Practice
12:30pm - 1:30pm   Explosive Hitting 
1:30pm - 3:30pm      Black Belt 

Sunday, November 18th 
No classes Today 

Tuesday, November 20th 
4:30-6pm    Majors 
6pm - 8pm   Black Belt 
8pm - 9:15pm   Explosive Hitting 

Wednesday, November 21st  
6pm - 7pm  Explosive Hitting 
7pm - 9:15pm Black Belt 
Testing Night

Sunday, November 25th 
12pm - 3pm  Team Fastball 15/16U Practice 

Tuesday, November 27th 
4:30-6pm  Majors 
6:00-8pm  Black Belt 
8:00-9pm  Explosive Hitting 

Wednesday, November 28th 
6-7pm Explosive Hitting 
7pm - 9:15pm  Black Belt 

Thursday, November 29th 
5-6pm  Explosive Hitting 
6-8pm  Black Belt 
8-9pm  Explosive Hitting 

Saturday, December 1st 
11am - 12:30pm  Majors 
12:30 - 1:30pm   Explosive Hitting
1:30pm - 3:30pm  Black Belt 

Sunday, December 2nd 
12pm - 3pm Team Fastball

NOTE - SCHEDULE CHANGES AS OF November 14th.  Updated.  
Class Times Will Change Day to Day, Week To Week. 

Players Failing to Show up without Notebooks will be asked to sit and watch everyone work and will NOT be allowed to train.   They can Just watch.     If your kid isn't serious enough to document and record his daily work -  Then they are in the wrong facility. 

Anything that is measured is MORE Likely to be Improve. 
Anything worth practicing is worth measuring.  
Good Luck!