Welcome To 2018 Summer Training
Available June 4th through August 9th
Advanced & Intensive Training For Serious Athletes 


2018 Summer Program Offers a Variety of Training Options
> Classes Available Mondays through Thursdays 
> Class Choices Are in Red Listed Below 
> Limited Class Sizes This Summer By Appointment 
> Purchase Classes ... 12 or 24 Sessions
> Purchase Summer Pass ....... Un-Limited All Summer 
> Purchase 1 Week Intensive or 2 Week Intensive 

Explosive Hitting 1   Limited to 24 Spots   
8:30am - 9:30am   

Black Belt Training is one class divided into 3 segments 
9:30am - 10:50am   Black Belt Workout/Recovery
Optional Throwing Segment 10:50am - 11:30am. 

Open Hitting Time - 
 11am - 12pm (Self Work) 

Open Facility Time is For Players With Summer Passes 

Majors Youth Training (Mondays/Wednesdays)
By Appointment  

12pm - 1:30pm   Limited To 12 


Semi Private Training 
   1pm - 2pm.........Semi Private Hitting (4 Spots) By Appointment 
   2pm - 3pm.........Semi Private Throwing/Pitching (4 spots) By Appointment 


About The Summer Program 

Black Belt Workout (Baseball and Softball Specific Strength/Speed Training)

Includes doing a wake up, warm up, and active stretching mobility session. 
Includes a baseball specific workout working exclusively inside the ATP/CP system. 
Emphasis on strength.  Emphasis on quickness.  Short burst, explosive Movements. 
Chaos Training For The Athlete To learn how to use and adapt all muscles to the movement. 

The Black Belt Workouts.

Are very unique because of the emphasis of head to toe strength, and emphasis on movement.   The movement emphasis is rotational and lateral movements specific to the sport.  
The movements are also short quick, explosive, with an emphasis on measuring the outcome of each exercise and have a designated target or intent.    

The Black Belt Workouts are a key catalyst to the development of both throwing and hitting power. 

Black Belt Arm Health/Recovery   (Phase 2) 

After the Workout is complete students will then take part in a World Class Arm Care 
Program that is used by top professional baseball teams and players.  

The program is designed to help players recover quicker, stay healthy, and give them 
a detailed system of arm care exercises.   The goal is to stay strong, improve recovery time, 
and to build arm strength.  

Scapular development exercises, Rotator Cuff - Shoulder Sphere Training, Elastic Tubing, 
Shoulder Tube, Weighted Ball Recovery, Wall Series, Foam Rolling System, and more. 

The Goal is Simple.......Finish the season stronger than when it began!

Black Belt Throwing Program (Optional) 

Each Athlete will have a different emphasis depending where they are in their training cycle. 

Red =  Someone who will do arm care/Recovery Only   No Throwing  on that day.  

Yellow =  Someone who will do arm care/recovery and work mechanics and movements. 
We refer to this as a connection Day. 

Green =   Someone who will do arm care/recovery and throw with purpose of mechanics, command training, or velocity training on that day.   

Each player will consult with our staff on their schedule so we can determine RED/YELLOW/and Green Days.     We will help put together daily and weekly plans for the individual. 

Why Do we do this ???      

Players in our summer training program may have a different focus each day. 
>  College Player May Want Velocity Development 
>  High School Player May Want To Finish the Season Healthy. 
>  Youth Player May want to work on mechanics Only. 

Everyone will have a different emphasis, day to day and week to week. 

Summer and Velocity Training.....
We advise anyone in competition, NOT to engage in velocity training but understand the 
emphasis on strength, arm care, and arm health is the key to staying strong as the season goes on. 

If a player is NOT in competition, we suggest doing a velocity training plan.  



Choose From 3 Options 
Attend 12 Classes= $440.00
Attend 24 Classes= $799.00 
Summer Pass = $999.00 

Summer Pass Gives You Access 
To Attend Un-Limited Class Sessions

Limited Summer Passes Available 

2 Classes Are Held Per Day 
Explosive Hitting 
Black Belt Training  

Purchase Sessions For Year Round Training  

Annual Pass = $2799.00 
10 Months of Un-Limited Access
or $299.00 for 10 Months

Purchase 1 Week Intensive  

Attend 1 Week Of Summer Training
Explosive Hiting and Black Belt Each Day.   

That is 10 Hours Of Training For 1 Week = $399.00 

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Semi Private Training 
Maximum 4 Per Session 
1 Hour Sessions 
8 Lessons = $400.00