15U Team     

Quinn Hodgeman 

David Burch

Ben Avers 

Harrison Kennicott 

Donald Peterson 

Will Wojtasiak 

Jeff Hedlund 

Dylan O'Shea 

Alex Rangel 

Matt Vojak 

Benny Wozniak 

Sanjiv Bhogaraju

Zach Dempsey 

Brian Hernandez (2022) *

15U Schedule:

May 27-28  Practices  

June 1-3   Bourbonnais, IL
June 8-10  Kenosha,WI 
June 17-18  Games TBA 
June 22-24  Kerry Wood Field Chi
June 29-Jul 1    Tourney TBA 
July 7th-8th    Games TBA 
July 13-15th   Elgin,IL 
July 20-22nd   Aurora,IL 

Congrats To Those Selected For Team Fastball 2019!

A few spots remain open 
15U-18U. Email fastballusa@hotmail.com to set up a personal tryout. 

"Let me start by saying "Playing for Fastball is like
no other Training Academy.

I have 2 sons and have played baseball for a lot of different travel teams and other training facilities over the past 13 years.

We have trained and played for him 2 years now
and the improvement is "hands down" better than
any other place."

Scott Svetic 

Some Of Our Team Fastball Alumni 

Austin Foote 
Indiana University 

Mike DiViesti
Butler University 

       Ethan Routzahn 
Dallas Baptist University 

Ethan Bloom
Lewis University

Chris Iliopoulos 
Truman State University 

Kramer Brandt 
Rockford University 

Dom Demicco 
Benedictine University

Rhett Rapshus 
Illinois State University 

More of our Alum being added 

16U Black Schedule 

May 27th   Practice 3pm 
June 1-3     Bourbonnais, IL 
June 7-10  Judson University 
June 17-18th  Game(s)
June 21-24   South Bend,Ind
June 29th-July 1   OFF 
July 4th - 9th   Louisville,KY
July 14th      OFF
July 19-22   Midwest Collegiate Championships 
July 26-29th   DSP Nat'l Championships

16U Gold Schedule 

May 27th  Practice 3pm 
June 1-3    Bourbonnais, IL 
June 7-10 Judson University
June 17-18th  Game(s)
June 21 -24  South Bend, Ind
June 28-July 1  Arlington Hts 
July 6th - 8th    Off
July 13th - 15th   Kenosha,WI
July 20-22    DSP Chicago land Classic  


# 1 Emphasis is on Environment - Baseball Development Starts with an Environment to Improve

* Un-Limited Access To Our Black Belt and Explosive Hitting Classes 
* Choose from 6 Month, 8 Month, 10 Month Options 
* That's potentially 36 Hours of Training Per Month Covering September through April 
* 3 Into 4 Mindset Training Led By Adam Kotowski (Everything starts with mindset) 
* Annual Nutrition Presentation 
* College Prep Training Program (Work on what the scouts are looking for) 

14U Team    -   J. Ryan

Brian Hernandez 

Mikey Kremidas 

Jack Skidmore 

Gabriel Martinez

Michael Patano 

Elliot Yoon 

Michael Gilski 

Ethan Steele 

Zach Rojahn  

Cole Ratliff 

Antonio DeBartolo

MSBL Schedule -  
Begin April 15th - July 1 

Tourney  April 21,22 
Tourney  May 25-27th 

MSBL Tourney 
July 5th - July 8th 

16U Teams (Ryan/Amore)

For Local Tournaments
Rosters Are NOT set.   Players may be rotated week to week.  

Jake Perez 
Hayden Carlson 
Michael Rose 
Yuki Sato 
Nathan Yoon 
Anthony Vitale  
Shane Crimmins
Mark Crouse 
Tyler Ferraro 
Alex Paul 
Zach Schwartz 
Kevin Ayeski 
Nick Loutos 
Adrian Neri 
Hayden Dusharm 
Will Anderson 
Hayden Kraus 
Noah Hays 
Brandon West 
Holden Phelps 
Jack Vorisek 
Tom Reiche
Jack Ryan 
Ethan Buenzow 
Joey Ingratta 
Chris Iliopoulos 
Mikey Kremidas 


Register For A Personal 2019 Tryout 

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18U  College Prep Team  

17U Showcase Team

16U College Development Team


15U College Development Team


14U High School Prep Team



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17U Team Fastball USA - Brandt 

Mike Kolb
Brandon Labarbera
Ryne Singsank
Xander Rojahn
Tyler Crandall
Keegan Brandt
Austin Steele
Youness Elmasbahi
Josh Stitt
Garrett Wano
Mike Vaca
Cody Gallagher
Ashton Statz (2018)

June 8-10th  Carthage College 

June 17th    Game TBA 

June 21 - 24th  Illinois State 

June 29 - July 1   DSP World Series

July 4th - 8th   South Bend,Ind

July 12 - 15th  Northwestern 

July 21st  -   Game TBA

July 25th - 29th     Cincy Flames 

How about this environment?
Bullpen Competition and celebration


Email fastballusa@hotmail.com for a personal tryout. 


REGISTER for our workout today:


Team Fastball USA Doesn't Just Talk Development

We believe development = undisputed results.  
We believe anything that is measured can be improved. 

Therefore our training, provides our players with constant objective feedback on performance.    It is NOT subjective, it is objective.   Factual. 

If you're going to be great, you need to separate yourself from the pack.   One way to do this is to train differently than everyone else.    Your training, your mindset, and your work ethic needs to be what maximizes your ability.   

2019 Players Selected Will Be Posted Shortly