"Let me start by saying "Playing for Fastball is like
no other Training Academy.

I have 2 sons and have played baseball for a lot of different travel teams and other training facilities over the past 13 years.

We have trained and played for him 2 years now
and the improvement is "hands down" better than
any other place."

Scott Svetic 

Some Of Our Team Fastball Alumni 

Austin Foote 
Indiana University 

Mike DiViesti
Butler University 

       Ethan Routzahn 
Dallas Baptist University 

Ethan Bloom
Lewis University

Chris Iliopoulos 
Truman State University 

Kramer Brandt 
Rockford University 

Dom Demicco 
Benedictine University

Rhett Rapshus 
Illinois State University 

More of our Alum being added 


A Great Example of the Team Fastball Environment on Display. 

Team Fastball was created in 2010 with the goal of "development first' over everything. 

Each Players Receives 
Un-Limited Training Access to our Elite Training Programs 
Includes "Explosive Hitting - Black Belt Throwing..Pitching - Black Belt Strength 
Emphasis on develping throwing and hitting power. 
Emphasis on challenging each athlete beyond his current ability level. 

Un-Disputed Development 
Focusing on Objective Data (What we measure - We improve) 
The Summer Travel Program Reinforces Off-Season Training. 


Winners of 22 National Championships 
3rd Ranked team in the country 
500 Wins..... blah, blah, blah.....


We are looking for players who get excited about the process of development and improvement.   NOT CHAMPIONSHIPS. 

We are looking for talented players who want to be challenged, work hard to get better, and allow the development process to work.  

Nobody will care about your Championships you won. 
At the end of the day it's about....How good are you?

These areas that will separate you from the competition: 

- Athleticism (Athletes are more valuable)
- Arm Strength (Pitchers and position players)
- Quickness/Speed  (how fast do you run?)
- Hitting Power  (Can you turn on a plus fastball?)

Speed and Power is what separates the average players vs. the good players.   The game at the highest levels is FAST.  

If you don't develop this over time.... opportunities will be lost. 

The good news..... Power is a Team Fastball Speciality.  

The Hard Facts - 

Velocity Matters ( you better improve it) 
Athleticism Matters (you better improve it) 


Key Questions....
How fast do you throw?
How fast do you run?
How hard do you hit?
How quick are you?

How is your athleticism?

The highest levels of college and professional baseball go those who stand out with either speed and power. 

What plan do you have in place to be a 90mph guy one day?

What plan do you have in place to get stronger and faster?

What plan do you have in place to be able to turn on a 90mph fastball?

Team Fastball is constantly working on challenging our players to improve 1% each month.