Ethan Routzahn and Joey Hanley both from Prarie Ridge High School are great examples of having the right mindset and work ethic.   Both started at age 13 and now are playing high levels of college baseball.  

Anyssa Iliopoulos
(Rutgers University)
is another great example of what happens when great training system meet the player with the right mindset and work ethic.  

When she began she threw 58mph as a freshman and improved to  71mph.  

Level 3 - Elite Classes Includes 
Teenage/College Athletes 

Explosive Hitting 
Black Belt Training 

Black Belt =   A combination of strenght/speed/power training created specifically for baseball/softball athletes.

In also includes -  Arm strength development, and developing a prolific throwing athlete.   For both pitchers and position players.  

Level 2   Majors  5th/6th/7th
The goal is to introduce the players to the basics of the program.  

Emphasis on athleticism, strength, coordination, hitting, and throwing mechanics.  

Players who want to advance to level 3 have to be self motivated and show the ability to do the drills correctly without direction.  

Level 1   Rookies 4th-5th 

The Rookies are for those who are super motivated to get their kid started in training. 

It is the most basic of our training and begins with simplistic concpets that lead into our Majors Program. 

Elite Level Training 

Intensive Training Plan

48 Sessions 

Pre Pay = $1399.00 

3 Payments = $500.00

Elite Level Training 

Option 3 = High Intensity 

96 Sessions 

Pre Pay = $2300.00 

Pay Monthly = $200.00 (12 Months)

Elite Level Package Options

        2018 Price Options 

88MPH 8th Grader 
Started When he was a freshman

 Major Training Options (5th-6th-7th Grades)

The Major Program Combines the introductory of our Explosive Hitting and Black Belt Training in our Elite Class. 

We expect players to master the drills and exercises in Major Training before being considered for Elite Level Training. 

Classes are generally available 1-2x per week most of the year

Purchase 24 Sessions
= $995.00 Pre Paid or 2 Payments of $600.00 

Purchase 12 Sessions 

= $599.00   Multi Payment Option 

Pre Pay Un-Limited Training  Annual 
$1299.00  Or  3 Payments of $500.00 

93mph As a Freshman 

          97mph as a sophomore 

83mph 6th Grade 

   90mph as an 8th Grader 

Development Takes Patience....... and Time..... and hard work. 

   Elite Level Training
    In-Season Plan

Includes your option to attend Explosive Hitting or Black Belt Training 

24 Sessions = $799.00 

If you attend "Black Belt" and "Explosive Hitting" that counts towards 2 sessions.  Each Class represents 1 session. 

Most classes are 90 minutes in length.  

If you attend both classes your getting 3 hours of training.  

Black Belt = 1 Session 
Explosive Hitting = 1 Session 

Attend both in 1 night = 2 sessions

Classes are generally 90 Minutes in Length. 

Attend both classes the same day = 3 Hours of Training. 

Limited Spots 
For Un-Limited Training 

Get Access To All Classes Within a 12 Month Period. 

10 Payments of $299.00 
Pre Pay $2795.00 

Doors Of Opportunity Open Up For Fastball Students Each Year 

Fastball USA Training is VERY Different from the average instruction out in the world. 

Mindset -    It all begins with mindset.  Our best students have a different mindset and approach to practice and training.   They see things differently.   They approach things differently.  

Our best students are masters at Deliberate Practice.   They NOT only practice with purpose they practice with a different purpose than most of their competition. 

The best players in the world are the most aggressive players in the world.  NO lesson provider can give your kid the needed aggressiveness.       This is why our "Environment" is critical to players success.   

Our "Environment" brings out the aggressiveness in the baseball athlete.   
Environment is everything! 



Work Theory -    We don't believe in the prodigy theory.    We don't believe some players just have "it" and others don't.    Our best students take deliberate practice to an extreme, and then put together hundreds of hours of work.    We don't offer shortcuts. 

Velocity development requires both time and patience.   
Do you want a quick fix?

If you're looking for a program that sells you on throwing 6mph faster in 8 weeks, then please don't bother with us.   Velocity development is a huge responsiblity of arm health. 

Our best students don't believe in the prodigy theory.  They believe with deliberate practice and thousands of hours of training, great things can happen.    THEY SIMPLY OUT WORK PEOPLE! 

Our system is NOT for those who don't embrace working hard.    

Hard work is a staple of our environment.     It requires 

Emphasis on Athleticism -     Since 2004 our academy emphasis  changed to emphasize that athleticism trumps everything.   We want you to be an athlete first and a baseball player second. 

Athletic Movements -   We then take that athleticism and emphasize being an athlete in the movements
Of the swing and throwing motions.     The emphasis is on being an athletic hitter and athletic thrower. 

Anything Worth Practicing is Worth Measuring!

We lead the world in objective measurements for a baseball player especially when it comes to hitting and throwing.  Measurement is the heart of our program.  Our students receive constant objective feedback during training in order to learn how to quickly adjust the results.  

Knowing your numbers is step 1 to improving your numbers.
Objective feedback during training as oppose the typical subjective feedback is powerful.    

FAST -  We work exclusively inside the ATP-CP system.   This requires short burst, and an emphasis on fast twitch training. 

Training With an Emphasis on how a baseball player moves.   

4 Options For The Elite Training Program

Total Baseball Power Elite Program 
Includes Access  To 
Explosive Hitting / Black Belt Workouts / Black Belt Throwing Program 

Explosive Hitting Emphasis 

- Bat Speed

- Exit Velocity 

- Ball Flight (Launch Angle) 

- Timing 

- Game Ready Training 

- Swing Efficiency 

Black Belt Training 

-  Strength/Speed/Power Training

-   Arm Health/Arm Care/Recovery 

-   Throwing Velocity 

-   Throwing Command 

-   Throwing Efficiency 

True Development Takes Time and Patience and a ton of hard work.  

Xander Rojahn started in the 4th grade and attended our training "A Lot" 
Throwing Velocity = 88mph 8th grade    93mph 9th Grade   97mph 10th grade

Baseball Development System 

That Charts Recorded Progress Of Students over the course of time. 

A System That Objectively measures and tests a players ability.  

A system that challenges the most talented players but also challenges players with less ability.  

The Revolution in Baseball Development 

People are traveling all over the world to Fastball USA
The Results Are Clear....

20 Students Have Become 100MPH Athletes 

159 Students Have Become 90MPH Athletes 

9 Times a Fastball USA Student Has Been Drafted into Professional Baseball 

Hundreds of Fastball students have gone on to play college baseball including schools like..

Arizona State, TCU, Arkansas, Florida State, Notre Dame, Dallas Baptist, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois State, Western Illinois, Butler........... along with every level of college baseball.  

Players from all over the World and throughout the United States travel to Fastball USA to work with our staff. 

Players have traveled to us from Taiwan, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, plus coast to coast from California to New York, Florida, Texas, and everywhere in between.  

Why?   The greatest separator between good players and great players is speed and power. 

Think Speed and power doesn't matter?   Think Again!

Our system has been designed to match what professional scouts, and college coaches are looking for in a baseball player. 

The highest levels of the game requires speed......
* Average Exit Velocity for a MLB home run is 102.3MPH 
* Average Pitching Velocity for a pitcher is just over 90mph 
* Average Throwing Speed for a postion player is over 90mph
* Catchers Pop Time is under 1.95 seconds 
* Average speed home to first is 4.3 seconds. 

Speed and Power Opens Up Doors Of Opportunities 
Speed and Power Get's You Invited To the Party

If you're going to play at the highest levels.....
You best standout among others your age
The secret.....Run faster, throw faster, and hit harder