- This is not your common training system -
We believe common people, and common training methods will take you nowhere.   You and your training methods need to be uncommon. 

 When you do what everyone else is doing

You get what everyone else is getting 

- We believe the key to long term development starts with athleticism.   

- We are focused on developing athletic movement patterns. 

- We are also developing a world class training mindset for each athlete.  

Fastball USA Training Memberships 
- Major Training  4th-6th Grade  Level 1
- JR. Elite Training 6th - 8th Grade   Level 2 "New"
-  Elite Training Program 9th - 12th / College  Level 3 
College/Pro Development Program   Level 4 
Individual Program - Limited 

Training Specialities 
1. World Renowned - Explosive Hitting System 

2.  Black Belt Explosive Throwing and Pitching Program 

3.   Black Belt Explosive Strength/Speed Program

How to begin?  
Start With An Evaluation Session 

If Accepted to our program, you will be offered a chance to attend 1 Free Class 

Then You Can Begin.  

Training Emphasis Includes 
* World Class Wake Up/Warm Up Process 
* Explosive Strength & Coordination Training 
* Arm Health/Arm Care/Pre Hab Exercises 

Throwing Program Focusing on devolopment of 
- Arm Strength - Accuracy - Efficiency - Arm Health 

Hitting Program Focusing ON the development of:
Natural Athletic Movements 
Hitting the ball harder, hitting the ball further. 
Consistent on-time barrel contact 

Our View On  Mechanics?

We believe no 2 people in the history of the game have ever thrown or hit exactly a like.   

We don't believe in cookie cutting - forcing one way on everyone. 

We believe in drawing out the natural athletic ability in each player, and guiding them to find the most natural and athletic way to throw or hit.  

Anything That Is Measured Can Be Improved! 
We are obsessed with objectively measuring our players during training 
- Exit Velocity  - Bat Speed  - Ball Flight   - Direction 
- Throwing Velocity   - Throwing Accuracy  - Spin 

Our Training Process

- Visual Learning Using Elite Player Examples on Video 
-  Creating Feel  " The right drills to create the feel" 
Blending -  Creating a system that goes back and forth  to blend the learning 
Backward Chaining -  It's been around since the Russians used this to train Olympic athletes from the 1960s to the 1980's.   Train Backwards in the chain. 
Intent Driven Training Methods -  The Brain Leads The Movements 
Khaos Training -  Creating Adjustment Making Machines 

Our Formula has created over 170, 90MPH Athletes: 

The Formula Includes...
- We Practice With Purpose (Deliberate Purpose) 
- We objectively measure our training (Results) 
-  Elite Training Mindset  (Without this, we can't get better)
- Adjustment Making Machines (Self Coaching is critical)
- Use the Power Of Visual Learning  (Imitation is powerful) 
- Work Ethic with Deliberate Practice  (10,000 hour rule)
- We Train FAST - Inside the ATP-CP Energy System 
We Train Khaos - Natural Learning Methods 
Slight Edge Development System - Getting 1% better each month

Are you making these common mistakes?

# 1  Are You Training Slow ?

You run long distances, or do long duration cardio type strength exercises.
Yes this includes the common strength stuff you see in health clubs. 

# 2   Are you following One Ideal Mechanical Model? 
Forcing players to throw and swing one exact way is NOT only a bad idea, it's a terrible idea.   That model works for 20% of the populuation. 

Following one ideal mechanical model is easier for 1 person.....The Coach. 

The player needs to throw, hit, or simply move the way his body wants him to move.  This is far more complex. 

Great hitters and healthy throwers certainly do things a like, but they also do many things differently.     WE DON'T COOKIE CUT EVERY PLAYER TO THROW OR HIT ONE WAY.   That's a disaster. 

#  3    Are you focusing so much on "mechanics" that you are in turn becoming a "Robot" or simply too "mechanical"?

At the end of the day your swing and your throwing motion should be athletic and efficient.   Too many players are being over coached on technique, which results in getting paralysis by analysis.   They lose their natural athletic movements because they are too worried about making the coach happy.  

# 4    Does your training lack objective measurements to track your progress and results?

How do you know your getting better?   If you're not measuring your training than your just guessing or hoping your getting better.   That's an expensive guess.  

Our training revolves around immediate objective feedback.  
How hard did you hit it?  How did it fly?   How accurate?   How fast?  How far?

For those who say "Trust The Process" I wonder if they also believe in "Measuring the Process".   We do! 

#  5     Does your current system have a long term development plan for you to objectively track your progress?   

That's right our TBP (Total Baseball Power) and our detailed measuring system allows players to create goals, and provides feedback on exactly what level they are at right now compared to their peer group. 

Velocity/Distance/Exit Velocity are just a few.  

#6   World Class Training Mindset 

I don't care how good the instruction is, the student better be constanlty working on improving MINDSET.    Especially in baseball and softball.   

Our best students simply excel in this category. 

Here are a few traits of Mindset (Just a few) 
Aggressiveness,  No Fear Of Failure,  Great at Failing Differently 
Work Ethic approach, Extremely focused.  

Understanding the WHY BEHIND THE WORK. 

We are constantly training mindset. 

# 7     Is the training environment common? 

I didn't mean to put this last because it's actually the most important part of development.   The environment your kid is playing or trianing in. 

Our Environment is unique and will never be duplicated. 

In some ways it's a Spartan Like Environment 
In Some Ways it's cutting edge technology 
Using Rapsodo, Radars, Flight Scope, Diamond Kinetics to name a few 

Our training is intermixed ages, and ability levels. 
Our high school players will train with youth athletes. 
Our college athletes will train with high school athletes. 

Our Environment is 
Competitive, Aggressive, Open to Failing, we just ask our players to fail differently. 
Open to experimentation.   We celebrate each others success.  We root and cheer on each other.  

We know that I will get better, if the player next to me is getting better. 

Fastball USA is a unique environment that combines 

Multiple Ages.   

If you are getting all of this right now, you might not need us.

#8    Are your workouts A Non Baseball-Softball Strength Specific Program ?

Strength Training is coordination training with resistance. 
This often get's missed for baseball/softball athletes. 
They fall prey to common poor training methods in the weight room. 
They do very little on 1 leg, lateral, rotational, and quite often are training the WRONG energy system.   

Baseball/Softball players should be quick twitch machines. 
They should be able to move and coordinate strength in various environments. 

It is common that most players are doing generic lifting programs that are actually putting them at a greater risk for injury. 

The most important thing to realize about strength training is the purpose of strength training!

The purpose is to improve your game performance. 
The purpose isn't to get stronger.  The purpose is to improve performance. 

Most get lost in strength training thinking if they get stronger,
they will improve performance. 
I have watched athletes get bigger, stronger, and actually lose velocity. 

The type of training we do at Fastball USA is directly to improve performance. 

Can you answer these questions?
How far do you throw?    How far do you hit?
How fast do you throw?  How fast do you swing?
What is your tendency when you don't hit well?
What is your tendency when you don't throw well?
What is your level of arm pain or discomfort?

Most parents/players have no idea on at least half of these questions. 

Where to start -  Click on Evaluation Tab at the menu above. 

Then once we know our starting point, we can put together a plan to improve!