Team Fastball 2020 Tryouts 

Register for the appropriate Age Below

All players will need to attend at least 1 tryout date.  In come cases the athelte might be asked to come back a second time. 

Tryouts Include Several Professional Objective Measurements
- Bat Speed 
- Ball Exit Velocity 
- Ball Flight/Distance 
- Ball Spin Tendencies 
- Live Arm BP and Machine BP 

- Quickness, Running and Agility Measurements 
- Throwing Velocity
- Throwing Accuracy 

Plus..... Subjective Grading Systems 
- Defense
- Video of hitting and throwing motions 

-  X Factors (Energy, Hustle, Attitude) 

 Tryouts, are run by Fastball USA staff including ex professional scouts and college coaches and players. 

Tryout Results/Data.....Every Player Who Tries Out Will Get Data Testing Returned To Them: 

Tryout Fee is $75.00 Ages 15U-18U  (Through June 25th)
Tryout Fee is $55.00 Ages 11U- 14U  (Through June 25th)

 (Those who register after June 25th) Later $99.00 All Levels 
(Includes evaluation/feedback on All Data )   
Players will be contacted anywhere from 3 days to 10 days of the tryout.  

What You need to know if you tryout for Team Fastball - 

We are NOT only looking for good players we are looking for good parents and families. 
We ARE looking for players who will commit to getting better and improving. 
We Are looking for player who will commit to our off-season training program.  
We Are looking for families who will be supportive but NOT intrusive. 
We are looking for familes who hate drama, politics, and negative people.  

Players Who Make Our Teams..........
Will automatically get access to our Elite Training Program (12 and up) or our youth training program. 
Program Fee's are built in for you to get UN-Limited Access to our Elite Program.  
Team Fee's and Training Fee's Will Apply.    (Youth Pricing and High School Pricing Are different)

High School Age Groups - 
Play during the summer on Weekends (Most Friday through Sundays) 
15U,16U,17U Showcase Team, 17U Select Team, 18U Team 
Typically 6 to 7 Tournaments.    
Players who make 17U Select Team, will play in 2 National Tournaments in addition. 
Rosters Are Not Decided until the following Spring. 

Youth Travel Age Groups - 
Play in the MSBL  (Roughly 20 Games) 
Plus will play in roughly 4 Tournaments  
April through July 
If We have 1 Team at an age group that Roster is Posted right away. 
If We have multiple teams, we will allow players to train, and practice all winter before finalizing rosters.