Arm Health is the foundation of Velocity

September 13, 2023
If you want to throw faster and improve your velocity you have to find out what is first constraining you from throwing faster.  Arm Health isn't a thing, it is the main thing when it comes to velocity development and maximizing your throwing performance.

Think about it.....

When do you have your best fastball?
When do you have your best breaking ball?
When do you have your best command most often?

Answer =
When your arm feels really good!

If the arm feels solid but not great, you're likely throwing a fastball with a little less velocity than what you're capable of throwing.   If the arm feels a bit sore (you feel like your at 90% strength), the fastball is only going to be less.

If the arm doesn't feel good, you are also a lot more likely to throw less.  Throwing less doesn't allow you the chance to improve throwing performance when it comes to speed, accuracy, and breaking balls.

The point is Arm Health is the foundation of throwing velocity.  When you feel good you throw good. It's about working smart, not just working hard.

This November, we will be hosting Ron Wolforth and the Texas Baseball Ranch Coaching staff at Fastball USA.   We have hosted this camp every year since 2008.

Wolforth and the TBR staff will help unlock performance constraints that are holding you back from more velocity and better overall performance.

Check out the video for a special offer to attend the Ron Wolforth Pitching Camp on November 10,11,12.

We will see you there.

Coach Ryan

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