Arm Health Series Part 1 - How much rest does a pitcher need after pitching in a game?

April 4, 2022
One of the most common questions I receive is how much rest does a pitcher need after pitching in a game before he pitches again?

In this video above, you will get a simplified way to determine when a pitcher should throw again, as well as other factors you should consider that most people are not considering. 

I have put together a 7 part Arm Care Video series to help answer these most common and critical questions in relation to pitchers arm health as well as position players.    In this video I cover suggested recovery times after pitching in a game, as well as other key factors such as playing other positions after pitching.

This video series is designed for coaches, parents, and players at the high school level as well as the youth baseball level.   With so much information out there in the world, I want to help clarify some of the most important parts of arm health.

Click the video to watch part 1.

Coach Ryan

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