Arm Health Series Part 3 – Communicate The Pain

April 19, 2022

One of the most common problems I see with arm health is players have simply accepted that pain is part of the game.

Throwing through pain is generally NOT a good idea especially if no pro active measures are being taken to solve the pain.

Where are the problems?

1. Assuming pain is just part of playing baseball. Play or throwing through the pain is not a good idea.   Communicate with coaches and parents.

2.  What starts out as very little soreness, pain, or discomfort, slowly turns into greater pain if the player continues to throw through the pain regardless of how low the discomfort is right now.

3.  Coaches and players simply need to communicate openly and stop looking at arm pain as judgement against them as players, coaches, or parents.  Pain is feedback.

4.  If we all communicate better we can reduce pain, soreness, or discomfort and improve performance.   Why?  When the arm feels good it can lead to throwing good.  Your best fastball, or your best command, and the best breaking ball usually happens when you feel good.
When you feel good it also allows you to train more.  If you want to be good at throwing the arm has to be healthy in order to practice throwing.
In this video I discuss communication as key element to arm health.  Communication among players, coaches, and even parents.

Communicate the pain as opposed to ignoring the pain.

Coaches need to ask the right questions.

Players need to be open and honest.

Think long term, not short term.



Check out this video I have put
together on Communication of the Arm Pain.

Mike Ryan
Fastball USA





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