Arm Health Series Part 4 - Poor Recovery Impacts Performance

April 29, 2022


For some pitchers the key to poor performances are directly related to they don't recover well after pitching.
They might look great the first time out, then not quite as good the 2nd time, and by the 3rd time they pitch they are now throwing slower, a little more wild, and breaking ball isn't as good.  Even worse, every time he goes out to pitch the arm feels worse and worse.

If your arm doesn't feel good, it's hard to throw good.   What you're doing the hours and days after you pitch could be directly impacting your ability to recover and feel good by the next time you pitch.    In this video I discuss what to look for, and how to test someone's ability to recover.    I talk about ice vs. activity.    For years, many people have been all about icing the arm, but that part could be exactly what's hurting your ability to recovery, or at least slowing it down.   We prefer activity, blood flow, over ice.

How much rest are you getting?  What is your routine?  Are you good at creating blood flow back to the arm and body, or are you doing too much or too little in between pitching outings.

Why are starting pitchers typically starting pitchers?   One clue is they recover better after pitching.   The best in the game keep a consistent velocity range throughout the season in part because they recover better.

How about players who play other positions?  It is possible playing other positions could hinder the ability to recover back to 100%.
Are you resting, or do you have a plan of activities that can get your arm back and ready to go the next time you pitch.

Position players also need to consider implementing an active recovery program, to help them stay strong throughout the season.
If your recovery is simply pitch, Ice, rest, then plan on struggling with recovery.   Start thinking in terms of activity, blood flow, and routines.

Watch Part 4 of my Arm Care Series.

Recover well, throw well.

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