Can't Throw Strikes? Slow To Adjust? Pitchers and Coaches Need To Hear This

May 4, 2023

Hey Guys,

I get super fired up when I hear that a pitcher is struggling with command and control.  Fired up specifically when they can't correct it quickly.   The best pitchers adjust quickly.

I made this video for pitchers, but also for coaches who badly want to help a pitcher in the middle of a game that is struggling.

Hint-  Telling your pitcher to "Just throw strikes" isn't going to work.

He is trying to throw strikes.


On my way to get a cup of coffee this morning I made this video because I think it's something simple that every pitcher and coach needs to hear.

In this video I cover 3 simple steps to solving control issues in a game and I cover the # 1 thing NOT to do.    You can complicate things or you can simplify.  My advice is you need to simplify things in a game.

When you start to struggle follow these 3 steps.

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Mike Ryan
Fastball USA
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