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After doing a ton of video analysis of youth players over the last several years I have found a trend with common mistakes and problems. Get the arm up seems like great advice, but it might be ruining the players arm action. Getting the arm up at the right time is a critical part of...

Heads Up! Parents of Pitchers  The baseball season is here 
and pitchers will be put under the 
stress of pitching in the games 
really soon. Ever wonder?

 Why do so many injuries in 
baseball to pitchers early in the season and NOT 
late in the season like most would think? That's a fact. Yes, clearly more pitching arm injuries

For all the years we have been tracking bat speeds, exit velocity, and throwing velocity we discovered something many years ago that proved very interesting to us. Right around 2008, this was becoming more obvious as we starting objectively measuring more athletes. It was becoming a common thing for a player to report hitting exit...

In this day and age of arm injuries, it seems like everyone has an opinion on arm health. Pitch counts, curve balls, mechanics are at the top of the topic list but what about the most important area? What area? Recovery. When most people think about sore arms, pain, and even arm injuries the most common responses or assumptions are something like...

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