Does your hitter take too many pitches?

June 22, 2022

Does your kid take too 
many pitches in a game?

Hitters who freeze, or simply take too
many pitches in a game will frustrate
coaches and especially parents.

How do I problem solve a hitter who 
lacks aggression and doesn’t swing enough?

They will follow one of two strategies. 

Strategy # 1 

All you get is 3 pitches

The 3 pitch strategy says a hitter
must put a ball in play getting a hit
or out within the first 3 pitches he will see.

The strategy says his mindset is not to ever
see a 4th pitch.

The 3 pitch rule is a great strategy to get hitters
swinging and get them on time.   Those who lack
aggression also tend to be late on fastballs and foul
them off when they should be connecting.

Second Strategy…. No Called Strikes 

Simple.  The hitter is NOT allowed to take
a single called strike.  Set up a way where the
hitter must be accountable for ever taking a called

The No Called Strike Rule is a super aggressive way
to get hitters to swing first.

We typically implement this rule on fastballs only.
This means if they take a strike it can only be on a breaking

Both strategies will encourage – 

Increased aggressiveness
More on time contact (No more indecisiveness)
Less Strike Outs
Less Swing and Misses
Easier to handle higher velocity
More Power

Even hitters who were once aggressive tend
to get less aggressive when they are slumping.

This is a great way to get a hitter out of a slump
and eliminate the over thinking that is often associated
with slumps.

Note – 

I know I will get emails from angry coaches who will
say you need to take pitches, learn the zone,
or even take to a strike.

I am simply speaking about getting hitters to hit first,
and take second.   It sounds simple to say, but until
you give them an exact expected guideline you will get frustrating

Be specific about the expectations. 

Swing Early
Swing Often
Swing Hard, just in case you hit it. 

Coach Ryan
Be Uncommon

P.S.   Teams Can Use These Strategies 

I have also have had entire teams implement
this philosophy and power production increases
right away and guys who used to be late on the fastball
are now on-time.

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