Drills Are A Waste Of Time... Unless You Match Them

April 19, 2024

Baseball coaches love drills.  In fact most coaches have a few drills they love.  Most players have at least one drill that they swear by that makes them feel good.   The problem is most drills are a waste of time unless the drills make an impact on the actual results.

Drills are done often.   The key question is does that drill MATCH, what you do when take a regular swing or go through your normal pitching motion.   If you MATCH well, the drill is more impactful.

Level - 1    Players struggle through figuring out and mastering a drill.  Most players don't master them but they do them over and over with very little purpose or passion.

Level - 2.   This guy does the drills great.  He is the super star student that masters the drills.  Yet the problem is when he takes his regular swing, or regular pitching motion, we don't see any sign of the drill ever being done.   IT'S A BAD MATCH!

Level 3 -   This guy is good at the drills, but also a good MATCH.  This means you can see the impact of the drill in his regular motions.   The drills are visually impactful and noticeable.  The drill is impactful creating the right feel.   The drill is impactful because it is producing a good result when he does his normal motions.

A level 3 guy might not transfer the Match well into the game.

Level 4 -  The Ultimate Match.   This guy transfers the benefits and the look of the drills in a game.  You can see the practice techniques clearly, and we see good results.

Watch the video above to learn about the Match of drills and how to make the most of your practice time, and create better results.

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