How do High School Athletes Train In Our Summer Program?

April 15, 2024
How do High School Athletes do our summer program?
The high school athlete on average attends our summer training

program 2-3 days per week and still will play on the weekend.


How does this work? 

Each day players are designated into a particular category or cycle.
Every week, each student has a different game schedule which changes his weekly
cycle.  For example some teams are eliminated on Saturday, some play deep into Sunday.
When it comes to throwing...
Each player is designated "Red", "Yellow", or "Green"
Monday.... Might be a Red Day.  Low intensity, arm care and recovery focused.
Low intensity mechanical work plus a good in-season workout.  The focus is on blood flow,

activate recovery, and is a major step 1 to getting the athlete back to 100% as soon as possible.


Tuesday.....Might be a Yellow Day.  Medium intensity, emphasis on mechanics, working on his

disconnections,  and more arm care, and recovery work.   Workout is baseball specific, quick twitch,

no getting out of breath.


Wednesday..... This will depend on when the last competition was, and when the next competition will be.

Game day is (Green).    If the athlete is 48 or more hours away from a competition and removed from competition, he might do a more intensive day.   If not, he would do another day of (Yellow or Red) as he prepares for the weekend.

The goal is to get our athletes back to 100% for the weekend tournament. 
Players performance increases as arm health increases.

Thursday..... For some is game day, but for others is an extra day to get ready for the weekend.   This day players are usually on a light throwing or RED, just extra arm care, with some mechanical work.

The battle for most during the summer is without a full cycle or plan, they simply survive the summer,

they don't have a detailed cycle of training to get them back to 100% for game days.

This is called working smart, not just working hard.


Key Take Aways....

Attend on average 2x per week or more
Designated days for arm care/recovery/strength (Red)
Designated days for medium intensity, mechanics focused, (Yellow)
Game Days are designated as (Green) full intensity unless a larger gap of 48 hours or exists. 

What about Hitters?...........

We walk each athlete through Weekly Hitting Audit which is a performance review.

How did you do this past weekend?

Includes Reviewing
Percentage Of Hard Hit Balls
Ball Flight Observations on hard hit balls and weak contact.
Timing Review identifying and obvious timing problems.
Swing and Miss Review / Strike Out Review

Power and Solid Contact Ranking

Identify any negative tendencies.... 
Over or under the ball
Around the ball or push
Early or Late. 

Our weekly hitting audits is what helps players personalize a training plan for the week and mental approach for the weekend of games. 



Swing Technique (Any changes, adjustments need to made). Video Reviews
Swing Timing (Any changes and adjustments in timing need to be made)
Swing adjustability (Any adjustments need to be made based on speed, spin, or location)



  • Study of MLB Hitters
  • Visuals of executing what each hitter needs to execute better
Game Approach 
- Training approaches with less than 2 strikes

     -  Training approaches with 2 strikes

Breaking Ball, pitches, Away, pulling off the ball

- Train the wait, train to track the ball better

Power Transfer Ratio...

-  Train Power Transfer ratio making the most of the bat speed and turning into exit velocity
-  PTR is the ideal swing effort that creates the best exit velocity

As you can tell this is not your typical summer camp.   This is an elite training program for serious athletes who want to improve performance when it matters most....on game day.   

This is also for players who have the big picture in mind.  The time to get better is now.  You don't wait 6 months to made adjustments or improvements.


Summer Program Info:

Available from June 3rd through August 6th.
Mondays through Thursdays
8:45am - 10am.  Explosive Hitting
10am - 12:15pm.  Black Belt Training (Throwing/Pitching/Strength/Arm Care/Recovery/Mechanics)

2 Options ....

Option 1      Summer Pass .... Gives you Un-Limited Training Sessions from June 3rd through August 6th
Pre Pay $995.00 (through April 30th).  $1199.00 after.

Option 2.     16 Training Sessions......Gives you any combination of Black Belt or Hitting Sessions up to 16 classes
Pre Pay $799.00 (through April 30th) $899.00 after

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