In Season Performance Plan

April 6, 2023

Can you really improve during the season?

Don't fall into the trap thinking that the off-season is the time to get better.

In this video I give you an example of how you can improve mechanics, strength, improve recovery, and actually finish the season stronger than when it began.

1.  Have a plan and a purpose for each day (Change Weekly if needed)
2.  Create a In-Season Cycle (Recovery Day, Mechanical Day, Push Day, Off Day)
3.  Adjust the cycle as needed based on...(Last weekends game schedule will impact the cycle along and the upcoming week or weekends schedule. Adjust as needed)

What's the problem?

Most players are simply "playing" games during the season and the season becomes a game of survival.  Performances get worse, physically you get weaker, mechanics get worse, arm health is impacted, and mobility suffers.

Create a plan!
When you have a plan and a purpose to each day, you get create a system in which you finish the season stronger than it began.

Each Week Set up your plan based on when you played last, and when you will play again.

Example Cycle
1. Push Day (These are game days. Every Game Day is a push day)
2. Mechanical Day (A day to emphasize basic fundamentals, medium intensity for throwing, and intensive strength workout day).
3. Recovery Day (Active recovery for blood flow, arm care, arm health is the main emphasis, with a good workout that includes mobility, flexibility, arm care and strength).

4.  Off Day.  If possible work in 1 day off a week during the summer into your 7 day cycle.

This is just an example of a cycle but it's a good example.

This type of cycle considers...
1. Game Competition at least 4 days per week.

2.  Mechanics improvement or maintain it during the season
3.  Strength to keep you healthy and strong and performing
4.  Active recovery to get you back to 100% with your arm and body. (Health)

If you don't have a plan, players are simply reacting the season hoping for the best.
When things go wrong is the only time they pay attention to these areas.

What could go wrong?
1. Hitting or pitching performances Suffer
2. Arm Health (Arm doesn't feel 100%)
3. Mechanics are out of whack, timing is out of whack
4. Less mobility starts to create mechanical changes and decreased performances
5. Less strength starts to create mechanical changes and decreased performances

The common problem is most players try to enhance things during the off-season and then during the season they let it slide.  Why?  They think they don't have time.

This is where having a plan comes into play.   Having a plan is better than no plan at all.

Hope is not a plan.   Don't hope you finish the season strong, healthy, and hope your swing stays right.  Instead be pro active and have a plan.

Coach Ryan
Be Uncommon

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