Most Baseball Parents Are Asking The Wrong Question

June 7, 2024
Is your kid the most aggressive player you saw play that day?

When reviewing the game and game performances with your kid I truly believe most baseball parents are asking the wrong questions.

Instead of focusing on the 0 for 4, the strikeouts, or the pitching performance, or the defense he played that day, simply change the question.  Forget about the stats and ask the question that matters most.

If it was my kid, the primary question I would ask would not have to do with performance, it would have everything to do with mindset.

Ask this question...

Were you the most aggressive player on either team today?

Most aggressive hitter?

Most aggressive on defense?

Most aggressive baserunner?

Most aggressive pitcher? (Attacking the strike zone not afraid of going after hitters or did you pitch to each hitter like he was Babe Ruth)

If you're not the most aggressive player on your team, or out of both teams that day, then you need to be.   Period.   The greatest players are the most aggressive.

Aggression alone tends to improve performances.  Without aggression performance will lack.

Most people want to critique swings, pitching motions, and look at all the stats on game changer, I would say this is all secondary if your kid is NOT the most aggressive player on the field.

Change your focus in the next game to stand out with your aggression regardless of your performance.   Failing is going to happen.  Passive failure in baseball looks bad.

Aggressive Failure is exciting.

Be the most aggressive player out of both teams next game, and every single game you play going forward.

Then we can discuss performances.

Mike Ryan
Fastball USA
Be Uncommon



P.S.   Fuel the Fire!
Parents - If you're going to preach aggression than you can't nit pick everything you kid is doing.   Aggressive starts with doing things without fear of the outcome or fear of the critics.

Fuel the fire of aggression.   Once you have an aggressive player on your hands then you can begin to look closer at performances and make small adjustments.

Never throw water on the fire of aggression.  Fuel the fire of aggression.



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