Myth - The Harder He Throws The Further It Goes

September 19, 2023

One hitting myth that has been around for many years is the concept that the pitcher supplies a lot of the power for the batter. 

The saying "the harder the pitcher throws, the further the ball will go" for the hitter is not quite true. The Truth is the hitter supplies a minimum of 85% of the power.   So it is true that the pitcher can supply up to 15% of the power. The reality is many hitters don't drive the ball well because they have become a victim of this philosophy.  They are told "let the pitcher supply the power".  "Just make contact". The result for many youth and high school and even college hitters is they don't learn to drive the baseball.  They also hate hitting against off-speed pitching or more importantly slower pitching in general. Why can't they hit slower pitching?   They have been trained to cheat to hit a fastball.  That's right....cheat.  They do whatever it takes to make contact, and then they can't drive the ball.  Even if it's a fastball.   They hit it, but can't drive it. Then when off-speed pitches get thrown or slower pitching in general they can't hit at all.  Super weak contact at best.


Here is today's lesson - 


First - Train yourself to provide the power!


Set up a batting Tee - 

How far can you hit a ball off a batting tee?

How hard can you hit a ball off a batting tee?

How fast can you swing the bat period?


Self Toss or get some side toss -

How far can you hit it?

How hard can you hit it?


Then take BP or front toss -

How far can you hit it?

How hard can you hit it?


Train yourself to supply the power at first.  Don't rely on the pitchers velocity to help make you look good.


Fact -  

In one MLB season six of the top eight exit velocities resulted on pitches that were thrown slower than 88mph.  That's right.  Slower than 88mph.


The hardest hit balls in MLB are coming on pitches thrown slower.


Most youth and high school players will say they hate slower, and they hate off speed pitches.


Why?  They have figured out how to make contact against a fastball, but most have not figured out how to drive the fastball.   Contact that results in weak ground balls and weak pop up's.


This winter.... train yourself to supply the power first. 


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