Parents of Pitchers and Coaches

January 4, 2022

Heads Up!
Parents of Pitchers 

The baseball season is here 
and pitchers will be put under the 
stress of pitching in the games 
really soon.

Ever wonder?

Why do so many injuries in 
baseball to pitchers early in the season and NOT 
late in the season like most would think?

That's a fact.

Yes, clearly more pitching arm injuries
happen in the spring season, not late in the season.

In just a few days, and weeks you will be competing in 
games. Some will go right into conference play and winning
will be really important.

Why do injuries happen early in the 
season so often?

Check out this video above avoid
 being another statistic.

Is the ramp up too steep?

What is your pitch count in week 1 vs. Week 6

How many innings do you throw week 1 vs. Week 6

How much recovery do you get in between pitching

What have you done in the past 5 months to prepare?

Did you have a ramp down plan, and a ramp up plan
or did you just shut it down?

Is The Ramp Up Too Steep?

Watch the Six Minute Video


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