STOP telling hitters to Squish the bug!

May 28, 2022

It's hard for me to believe but the biggest misconception about hitting is still being taught to young players all over the country.  Stop telling hitters to pivot on the back foot or telling hitters to squish the bug.  It's not what great hitters do.  Not even close.

This exact hitting advice is exactly why hitters can't stay inside the ball, and exactly why hitters lose balance and hit too many ground balls.   If you watch most hitters hit when they are 5 years old, you will find they actually use the back foot correctly.

This means you only can screw up a young player.  Telling a player to squish the bug, or pivot on the ball of the back foot, doesn't work because it's an un-natural movement.   Leave young players alone and you will often find they will do more things good than bad.   Especially with the right amount of reps, and the right intent.    Have them watch big league hitters and they can copy what they see.    My advice is to spend less time teaching them how to hit and start training them to hit.  Good coaches simply,  shut up, and get out of their way.    Good coaches observe, and when they have something to say it means something.

Most young baseball players are being over coached and under trained.  Most hitting flaws begin because they are coached, instructed or drilled into players.   Give hitters goals to execute not instructions on how to swing.  Give them a chance to have fun, be aggressive, and just get out of the way.  STOP with all the instruction.  Especially stop ruining hitters by telling them to squish the bug!

Watch two of the games all time great hitters in the video I posted above and let me know if you think they are squishing the bug.


The greatest hitters in the world don't squish the bug, and neither should you.


Coach Ryan

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