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Team Director

Jim Ryan is a Team Fastball alum himself and a long time Team Fastball coach. Since 2012, Coach Jim has been the head and assistant coach at every level from 13U through 18U. During that time he has transitioned to head coach, and Team Fastball Director of operations. Many of his players have gone on to play college baseball at all levels including D1, D2,D3, Juco, NAIA. Two of his players have recently signed professional contracts. Ethan Routzahn (Padres) played for Coach Jim and team fastball 14U through 18U. Ryan Loutos (Cardinals) played for Coach Jim from 16U through 18U. Coach Jim carries on the Fastball USA mission of development and big picture being the biggest emphasis.

Let me start by saying playing for Fastball is like no other Training Academy.I have 2 sons and have played baseball for a lot of different travel teams and other training facilities over the past 13 years. We have trained and played for Fastball 2 years now and the improvement is hands down better than any other place.

— Scott Svetic

2024 Team Fastball USA

Tryouts will take place
July 11 and 18. 

All Times 6:00-8:30pm

Tryouts will take place
July 11 and 18. 

All Times 6:00-8:30pm

A player only needs to attend one tryout,
but it’s possible you might be asked to attend a second date*.

All tryouts held at Fastball USA in Schaumburg, 1261 Wiley Rd., Suite G

*Players are usually notified within 7 days of the tryout if they have made the team or not. In some cases we might extend an offer to come to 2nd tryout for a second look.

Questions about Team Fastball USA?
See Frequently Asked Questions below.


June 9-12
Judson (Elgin IL)
June 16-20
Joliet, IL
June 23-26
June 30-July 3
PBR Showcase, Grand Rapids, MI
July 7-10
North Central College
July 14-17
Carthage College Kenosha,WI
July 22-24
July 28-31
Ozinga Stadium, Impact Field
June 9-12
Judson (Elgin IL)
June 16-20
Joliet, IL
June 23 - 26
June 30-July 3
PBR Showcase Grand Rapids, MI
July 7-10
North Central College
July 14-17
Carthage College Kenosha,WI
July 22-24
July 28-31
Ozinga Stadium, Impact Field
June 16-20
Judson University, (Elgin)
June 23 - 26
North Central College (Naperville)
June 30th -July 3
Northwestern &
July 7th-July 10
Joliet,IL Prime
July 14-17
Kenosha, WI
July 22 - 24
Impact Field


2022 15U ROSTER
Max Anderson
Joshua Barnett
Alex Behles
Anthony Braoudakis
Westminister Christian
Anthony Bruno
Ben Harmon
South Elgin
Jaden Holmes
Hoffman Estates
Connor Kehoe
Franklin Kirchner
Andrew Liss
Maine South
Nico Mainolfi
Joey Salatino
Matt Scardina
Nathan Vandenboom
Caden Zuniga
2022 16U ROSTER
Anthony Santucci
St. Patrick
Jaryd Vence
Ashon Holder
Kevin Griffin
St. Patrick
Ike Schlesinger
Sebastian Piton
Plainfield North
Dylan Dullas
Notre Dame
Dylan Love
Ben Escalante
Rolling Meadows
Andrew Shaw
Christian Prudhomme
St Francis
Elliott Leonhardt
Oscar Garcia
Nick Randell
2022 17-18U ROSTER
Mike Patano
Palatine '22
Cole Ratliff
Fremd '22
Josh Schuberth
Bartlett '22
Anthony Immordino
Northtown '22
Jon Raciti
Niles West '22
Spencer Siegellak
Hersey '22
James Mckinney
Loyola '23
Zach Moreth
Mt Prospect '23
Ben Meziere
St Patrick '22
Justin Reineke
Schaumburg '23
Dylan McCorry
Elk Grove '23
Brandon Isbell
Lake Park '23
Chris Leveau
St Patrick '23
Luke Rue
Naperville Central '23
Max McGovern
Notre Dame '22
Jack Chipman * PO
Notre Dame '22
Jack Skidmore * PO
Naperville Central '22

Team Fastball USA

Most of Team Fastball USA Seniors have committed to colleges and universities and many of them, no doubt, will be continuing their baseball endeavors at the collegiate level. We are proud to have played a role in their development.
Sanjiv BhogarajuCarleton(MN)
Ross BloeckerFlorida
Zach DempseyIllinois inst.Tech(IIT)
Mario FerriOhio Dominican
Jeff HedlundMissouri Science/Tech
Quinn HodgmanMacelester(Mn)
Joey IngrattaElmhurst
Tyler JacobsenKishwaukee
Eric LinSouth Alabama
Brendan MeyersBeloit(wi)
Don PetersonPurdue
Jack RyanTriton
Mike ScardinaAurora
John SwiderekHarper College
Will WojtasiakKishwaukee


Austin Foote

Indiana University

Mike DiViesti

Butler University

Ethan Routzahn

Dallas Baptist University

Ethan Bloom

Lewis University

Chris Iliopoulos

Truman State University

Kramer Brandt

Rockford University

Dom Demicco

Benedictine University

Rhett Rapshus

Illinois State University


Where is your home field?

13U,14U play at Salk Park in Rolling Meadows just 5minutes from our facility.
12U will play at Kimball Hill Park also in Rolling Meadows.

15U through 18U Play mainly a tournament schedule with a few non tournament games mixed in from time to time.

Where is our training facility located?

1261 Wiley Rd. Suite D, Schaumburg.
We are near Meachum and Golf.
Wiley Road runs right next to I90.

When are games played?

12U through 14U 
Typically will play in the MSBL which usually has 18-20 games. We will typically also add in 3 to 4 tournaments which brings the season right around 40 games.

15U through 18U
We typically play in 6 or 7 tournaments depending on how manys are guaranteed in each tournament.

15U through 18U
typically begins around mid June and goes through the end of July.

12U through 14U games typically begin in mid April and goes through the 3rd week of July.

When are games played?

Coaches are hired and have typically consisted of former college coaches, former and current college players, high school coaches.   We have proudly brought back many alumni to help coach our teams.  Nobody knows the Fastball USA system better than those who did it.   Coaches are paid.      Coach Jim Ryan is alumni of Team Fastball USA and director of Team Fastball Youth divisions and some high school divisions.   I am the director of typically 2 – 3 teams each year.     To view our Academy instructors, click on coaches.

What is your organization's mission?

Simple.  It’s to help each player improve.   Development is our #1 priority and we have put together an Elite Training Program for all of our players to take part of for an entire year.
Our Elite Training Program has been written about in books, and has attracted baseball players from all over the world.    We look at the big picture.   Keep getting 1% better over time and then those 1%’s will add up.    We are NOT about just winning games, and rankings, ect…   No matter what, our mission is to help your player get better.

It’s really simple.  We want those who train together to play together.  We want families
who care about getting better and development more than they care about winning.
Players who have a strong work ethic, passion for the game, but are willing to put in the time it takes to improve.

Our teenage athletes attend training multiple times per week most of the year.  They get access to our Explosive Hitting Class, plus our Elite Black Belt Program.   Black Belt Training is an emphasis on athleticism, strength, quickness, agility all as it relates specifically to baseball.   It also has a arm strength, throwing, pitching portion in which has been known to boost velocity.    A huge emphasis is placed on arm care and big picture mindset.

What are your views on playing time?

At the high school age level typically players will not sit more than 50% of the time.
They will at very least be in the line up, on defense, about 50% minimum.  We follow high school rules, so typically we bat 9 or 10, and use 4-5 subs.  Playing time includes being an EH or DH. Typically if a player sits out a game he will very likely play the next game.

Of course performance will matter.  Players who are performing will play more. We don’t let a player sit and become a bench warmer.   Every player will know his role and what he can bring to the team.

Youth Teams we typically bat the entire order and players will get moved around based on their current ability level on defense.

We have a specific system for pitchers in terms of rest and recovery.  This includes Pitchers will NOT pitch until they have had proper rest.  1 hour per pitch they have thrown in the previous game.   This means if a pitcher throws 24 pitches we will give him a minimum of 24 hours rest before he pitches again.

We also take into consideration playing defense could be stressful after pitching.  We watch and monitor this closely as an attempt to keep arms healthier.

How many players do you roster?

Typically the roster size is 12 at 12U, and 13U and 14U may have around 13.
15U through 18U typically will have 14 position players.
If a player makes the team as a pitcher only, he will be told so up front.

We don’t want to burn players arms and bodies out by having super small rosters.
We want players to play, but we are NOT interested in sacficing a players health just to win games.     We feel these rosters sizes combine plenty of playing time with a healthier
approach to baseball.

What are the fees?

The fees change year to year but mainly consist of two elemements.
First …  A training fee.   The training fee covers your player to attend un-limited training
to our elite training program un-limited between September 1st 2021 through July of 2022.  Training fees and details will be sent directly to you if your son is offered a spot.

The second fee is a team fee which covers coaches fee’s, tournament fee’s, and everything
that goes with running a team. Team Fees are generally around $1500.00 but this will
be detailed if your son makes the team on the exact fees.

What's your philosophy on pitch counts?

We look at stressful innings.   A player who throws under 20 pitches in an innning has not had a very stressful inning.   If he goes more than twice is likely to be taken out of the game.    We look NOT just at the total pitch count.  We look most importantly at how stressful are the pitches.   For example some pitchers will throw 60 pitches in 3 innings and others might throw 60 pitches over 5 innings.    We look closely at pitches per inning even more than the total pitch count.     For every 1 pitch a pitcher throws in a game we will give them 1 hour of rest.    48 pitches would require 48 hours of rest before pitching again.

How important is the training?

We believe if you’re not going to attend training at least 2x per week through most of the off season, we are probably not the place for you.     We don’t hold it against players if they are playing a high school sport.   We realize they might only be able to make it once per week while that sport is going on.

What are your thoughts about playing other sports?

The younger the player is we actually encourage them to play multiple sports.    You still will need to carve out time to be consistent with your training.

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