The Four Boxes At Fastball USA

January 4, 2022

When it comes to development
and improvement one thing we know
for sure is development takes patience
and time.

In order to be really good at something
the reality is you must check these boxes.


1.  Show Up 

If you don't bother to show up you
can't get better.  Step 1 for most is
they just don't put in the time it takes
to truly become elite.

They end up doing a lot of things, but
they don't keep the main thing the main
thing.   This means they might say they
have a certain goal, but often the actions
don't match the goal.

2.  Work Hard

Everyone practices.  The work and effort behind
the practice is a critical part.  Working hard isn't
just showing up and doing things.

I often challenge our players to be the kid who is
the hardest worker in the room.

3.  Be Consistent

Consistency is far more important than intensity.

Showing up often is far better than once in a while.

Doing less with consistency, is far better than doing more
and doing it less.

Studies clearly show consistency of work

is far more important than intensity.  For example, doing more

reps on less days.

4.  Be Focused 

Practice does not make perfect.  Deliberate practice
is critical in a players development.  Practice with extreme
focus, practice with extreme intent.

Once again practice does not make perfect.

Deliberate practice, deep practice is a difference maker.

If a player is just going through the motions they will
obviously not improve as much as someone who is focused.

We call these activity guys.  Activity guys are those who show up

and go through the drills and exercises but put very little focus behind what they do.

Checking text messages between reps.  Talking while working out are

all signs of activity guys.  They love the atmosphere but don't embrace the focus.


These concepts are simple and preached everyday in our academy.

We love it when parents really enforce these concepts as well.


When players check these 4 boxes

you can't help get better over time.


Keeping working hard, keep working smart,

keep working often.

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