The Launch Angle Trap

May 5, 2023
A launch angle emphasis can be good but at times but a 
launch angle emphasis can make things worse for a hitter. 

Here is how you know it made things worse....

Red Flags That The Launch Angle Emphasis is Hurting your performance

  1. Swing and Miss Rate has gone way up
  2. Strikeouts have gone up due to swing and miss and foul balls
  3. Weak Pop Up's become more common
  4. Trouble handling high velocity
  5. He can't handle a plus fastball above the belt. 
    This doesn't mean launch angle is bad.  What it means is how the student/coach went about achieving launch angle was likely very very flawed.  If you took BP,  against 30mph fastballs and still emphasized a 25-35 degree launch angle this could be a flawed concept.  

    If you emphasized launch angle while hitting off a batting tee, this also could be a flawed concept.

    Anything in which spin rate is lower, velocity is mediocre, or pitches are simply sitting in one location, could all be flawed concepts.   Launch angle emphasis can be helpful, but you can't lose your ability to become a great all around hitter.

    Great all around hitters at your level don't swing and miss that much
    and still have the ability to drive the ball with distance and handle the bat.

    They can hit a ground ball on purpose, as well as a fly ball on purpose and a line drive on purpose.

    They don't have one swing.  They have an adjustable swing.

Yes You Can !
You can Create better Exit Velocity You can Hit for greater distances (Launch Angle)You can reduce swing and miss and strikeouts All in one.  
If your kid is having trouble in any of these areas

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